What Cheese Am I Making? (Updated)

As I am elbow deep in curd at the moment, here is a quick cheese quiz for all you curd nerds out there.

By looking at these two ingredients, what cheese do you think I am making for the very first time?

Give it a go.  You never know, there might even be a prize in it.  I want the official name, and not the common name of this cheese.

’till tomorrow dear readers.  I have a long night of cheese making ahead of me!

Gav x

Ed:  I will ease the suspense.  This is what I am attempting to make.  It is called Millefoglie Ubriaco Al Marzemino.  It is a form of Drunken Cow Cheese that is pierced like blue cheese before being soaked in a sweet red wine.  I am hoping that the wine will infuse into the cheese.  If it tastes anything like the review in the video below, I will make another wheel and make a tutorial.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin,

    Is it called Cabra al Vino aka Murcia al Vino?
    I found one similar in a book by Jean Mansfield. If it is it will look amazing. Don’t know about the taste as never tasted one.
    Good luck with it but doubt you need luck making cheese these days.
    Jo in NZ

  2. says

    Perhaps a variation on Tomme au Marc

    or possibly a Gouda or Colby rinsed with wine in addition to water

    or any of the many washed rind cheeses from around the world.

    Although I think Kimmie’s suggestion is pretty good.

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