10 Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food

This list was part of Ben’s school work today and he even typed it all by himself. These are some of the things he learnt on Wednesday.

10 Benefits of Growing Your Own Food – A List by Ben Webber

10 reasons to grow your own food

1.   First of all you need to buy seeds and seedlings to plant. With a little hard work preparing the soil and with some help from the sun and watering you can grow your own vegetables.   In a few months you will be rewarded with some nice juicy fresh vegetables.

2.    It’s fun to be outside because nature is lovely when planting.  Most the time you will love the effort of your own vegetables growing!  It will be worth the hard work and if you enjoy working outside the benefits are even greater!

3.   It helps the environment as we don’t spray chemicals on the vegetables and fruit like farmers do.    We don’t waste fuel delivering it to supermarkets, instead we can just walk into our back garden and take the vegetables without wasting or harming the environment!

4.   All food grown in your garden is healthy and good for you.  Supermarkets are getting expensive these days and it is going to save you money if you grow your own fruit and vegetables in your own back garden! I researched the yearly cost of what the average family spend on vegetables and fruit a year and most spend $2600 per annum.  So growing your own veg and fruit is worth it!

5.  It can help vegetarians, just like a healthy diet but if you’re a vegetarian you’re going to go crazy for healthy foods, having a vegetable patch in the garden can greatly help!  Especially if you want to make healthy meals with some spices or just have a better diet!

6.  The food tastes better and you know it has not been sprayed with chemicals.  You do not know how long the food has been stored for, this means that it might not taste as fresh as growing your own and being able to pick a fresh apple from your own tree.   When you cook with store-bought vegetables you may find the flavour missing, by cooking your own vegetables this will allow for a better tasting experience.

7.  You can learn a lot!  When you are gardening you may learn about the weather, the soil and different types of gardening tools to use.   You will also learn about healthy alternatives for treating bugs and pest without using harmful Chemicals on your plants, it can be a fun learning experience!

8. As most people need vitamins from fruit you can easily get them from growing your own food as most fruit and vegetables contain most vitamins that you need daily. Which can keep you in shape and healthy!

9.  You can also grow herbs which grow faster than most other plants.  Herbs can go great with many foods especially curries or soups.  By using these herbs this allows chefs or people who love cooking a great experience for experimenting!

10.  One of the benefits is that my dad can grow potatoes and that is my favourite vegetable because it is great for cooking and you can make lots of varieties of things like potato and chick pea curry, mashed potato, wedges, roast potatoes and baked potatoes.  I do like chips but Dad doesn’t know how to make those yet! (Yes I do!).


  1. casey says

    ben thankyou for the information i think well i know every one is thankful you have information about gardens thankyou

  2. Ben says

    Hi everyone it’s Ben. Thank you so much for your kind comments! Yes I will teach my dad how to make chips.

  3. says

    Wow Ben, $2600 is a lot to spend each year. I wonder if I spend that much for my family (we have a vegie garden, but it is been pretty minimal since my third child was born, though it’s getting better again now!). My son (who’s 10) loves to have his own patch in our vegie garden. I’m going to show him your list!

  4. Anonymous says

    That’s an excellent post Ben. As a matter of interest, how old are you? It looks as if you could do your own posts without Dad doing that for you as I expect you know more about computers than most of us. When I was about 10 and at boarding school some of us had little garden plots. Although I can only remember gooseberries and radishes, that start at school created an interest in me growing things that has lasted the rest of my life, though I must admit in my rebellious teenage years I had a break!!
    Post some more when you have something interesting to say.

  5. says

    Time to get your chip making skills up to scratch I think Dad. Ben, are you talking about potato chips like in packs of chips? If so, I found a recipe on Pinterest which might be of interest to you. 😉
    Great post too!

    • casey says

      tell your dad he is still your dad even if he does knot know how to cook chips have you heard of tip tic teach my old teacher told me that haha learn

  6. Anonymous says

    Well done Ben, just like your Dad you are an inspiration. Keep up the good work one and all

    Jo in NZ

  7. says

    Well done, Ben. I am a teacher and I think you have done an amazing job. It must be fun being homeschooled and learning about things like this. I liked the way you linked what you learnt with the outside world too- you and your family are doing a great job changing the world a little at a time.
    I am glad there are kids like you growing up to be the adults of tomorrow.

  8. Anonymous says

    Well done, Ben.I am recommendig your post to all the children in my street. You are now a role model!You have also given me an idea on how to improve my next workshop. I will include your list in my wrap up. You will also be given full credit!Veronique

  9. Anonymous says

    Way to go Ben.
    Hope you have loads of success as a result of your work. And the vegetables at the end will be the tastiest ever.

    The most difficult part is being patient until they are ready
    Helen in France

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