Plenty Of Oil?

When I read the media, I often notice articles entering mainstream thought that are the opposite opinion of what I know to be true.  I look at things differently, so to speak, and think that I am a realist.So take Peak Oil for instance.  Of late, there have been many articles in the international press, mainly opinion pieces, that claim that peak oil is and was a myth, and that we have   [Continue Reading …]

Fabulous Front Orchard


From weedy mess, to fabulous front orchard.  Our winter neglect has now been remedied.  This is the journey we have been on for the past three weekends, and now it is finished!Here are a few pictures of the finally finished front yard.  I reckon that it is the best it has been for many years, and the heavy mulching will help the fruit trees survive the long hot summer that is   [Continue Reading …]

Spring Seedlings and Planting


What a great time of the year, and certainly my favourite.  Some of the fruit trees are sporting masses of blossom from white to pinks, and leaves are growing quickly. But best of all, I get to plant lots of veggies by seed.Today was a marathon.  I sewed the following vegetables in punnets;Pumpkins: Australian Butter, Queensland Blue, Butternut, Pennsylvania Crookneck, African   [Continue Reading …]

The Good Life Is Coming Soon


Did you know that in our town you can buy the good life if you just fork out $155,000 for land, and a lot more for a home built on it? If you believe the billboard on the wall of our local shopping centre, then the good life is as simple as a massive mortgage and a nuclear family, and is always coming soon.  It makes me laugh.  This to me subtlety implies that you will not   [Continue Reading …]

Pre-Spring Clean Up


Isn't it weird that when you are a gardener, you actually have to prepare for the most amazing season of all?  Our preparation is two fold, tidying up for Sustainable House Day, and getting ready for the onslaught of growth that is the Spring time garden.So far, most of this preparation has consisted of weeding, sheet mulching and a general pre-spring clean.  Weeding to ensure that the   [Continue Reading …]

Sustainable House Day 2012


What to see our version of a sustainable home?  Do you live within 100km of Melton, Victoria? Well come and visit our humble abode on Sunday 9th September 2012 from 10am - 4pm, to have a butchers at all the great sustainable projects that you have seen our family build/grow/create over the past six years.See the clay oven.  See Cluckingham Palace.  See, not one, but two renewable   [Continue Reading …]

Drunken Cow Update


It has been 17 days since I made my first Drunken Cow cheese, and I have been turning it every day. Two days ago, it had shrunk so much that it cracked, top and bottom, so as this cheese has to mature for a full three months, I had no choice but to wax it. Here is the top.  You will notice that the wine penetrated about 5mm (1/4") into the rind of the cheese, and deep into the holes that I   [Continue Reading …]

10 Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food


This list was part of Ben's school work today and he even typed it all by himself. These are some of the things he learnt on Wednesday. 10 Benefits of Growing Your Own Food - A List by Ben Webber1.   First of all you need to buy seeds and seedlings to plant. With a little hard work preparing the soil and with some help from the sun and watering you can grow your own   [Continue Reading …]

The Greening Of Ben


Thanks to all those who left a comment on Monday's post.  It took me a while after I wrote it to realise that I do actually teach lots of people how to grow food via this blog.  I suppose what I was referring to was teaching people in my family, and our local community.  I am the only person in our family unit that has the detailed knowledge of what to plant when and how.  The   [Continue Reading …]

Edible City


I just watched a great documentary titled "Edible City: The Movie".   Filmed mainly around the Bay area of California, it shows the rising movement of urban farmers, claiming back desolate parts  of the city to make urban farms.  It runs for just over 60 minutes, but is well worth it.  It inspired me to try harder.I really enjoyed it, and it struck a chord with me.  I   [Continue Reading …]

Solar Freeway Noise Wall


Of late, I have been singing the praises of Germany with regards to this countries inginuity and rapid uptake of solar technology.Well, it is time to focus a little closer to home.  A kind reader, Andrew M, pointed out to me that  VicRoads, our local road authority in this state have fitted 500 metres of solar PV array on one of the freeways in Melbourne. From the VicRoads website;"In an   [Continue Reading …]

Drunken Cow Cheese


A cheese soaked in wine.  What a novel idea?I believe that it was first tried in Spain.  The soft goats cheese that was traditional was prone to going mouldy, and they wanted a way to prevent the mould from spoiling the cheese and to be able to keep it longer before eating it.  Wine was the perfect solution, because by soaking the cheese in this weak acidic and alcoholic   [Continue Reading …]

Waubra Wind Farm


Renewable energy is one of my passions, and when Kim suggested we take a field trip to a wind farm as part of Ben's science class, I jumped at the chance.Kim did the research for the trip, and decided upon a visit to the third largest wind farm in Australia, which was about 101 km (60 miles) away from our home.  It took just under 1 hour 15 minutes to get there.  As I drove along, Kim   [Continue Reading …]

Potato Planting Time


Who loves planting spuds?  They are so easy, and need so little maintenance when growing.  Just water, some well rotted manure dug into the soil, and bung them in a trench. In our neck of the woods (southern Victoria) it is planting time.  Normally I plant them a few weeks before the last frost is expected, so that when they shoot, the weather should be warming up.Remember back to   [Continue Reading …]

eBook Launch – The Way of the Chicken

Dear readers, please join me for my eBook launch.  I am excited to say that my second book has now been published via Smashwords (which will distribute to multiple eBook retailers), and soon to be published to Amazon Kindle.Here are the details;The Way of The Chicken - A Guide To Backyard ChickensBook Description;This is not a how-to-book, but a tale of apprehension, excitement, joy, despair,   [Continue Reading …]

What Cheese Am I Making? (Updated)


As I am elbow deep in curd at the moment, here is a quick cheese quiz for all you curd nerds out there.By looking at these two ingredients, what cheese do you think I am making for the very first time?Give it a go.  You never know, there might even be a prize in it.  I want the official name, and not the common name of this cheese.'till tomorrow dear readers.  I have a long night of   [Continue Reading …]

Love The Planet

credit: ZazzleWho loves this Planet?  A bit of a strange question, seeing that it is the only habitable one the we know of within 20 light years.   However, I declare that I do love my planet.I believe that as Burt Bacharach wrote “What the world needs now, is love sweet love”! Yes, really, love!  Not in the physical sense, but in the community sense. Things like pride of place,   [Continue Reading …]