You Are Not Alone

You Are Not AloneWe are different.  Yes, different, but not abnormal, and we are not alone in this difference!

Slowly growing within the consumeristic core of western culture and society, there is a special kind of person that is different from the mainstream.  Sometimes they are hard to spot, but with a bit of careful observation you can pick them out from the crowd.

You will see them shopping in op-shops, buying clothes and other essentials.  You will catch them on weekends in their gardens growing their own food.  You will find them in their kitchens cooking meals for their family.  You will see them mending and repairing, reducing, reusing, and recycling items around the home.  You will find them talking about the antics of their chickens instead of talking about weekend football or some other trivial pursuit.  You will notice their friendly demeanour, and note that they give endlessly of their skills and knowledge.  You will finding them buying local produce and goods.  You will find them using less resources in their lifestyle.  You will hear them enjoying life and not have a nagging feeling in their mind that something is missing in their life.

In fact, these people are you.  Yes, you dear reader.  I can see you out there in the audience, changing your lives, being different from the rest of society, every single day of the year, and living life to the full.  Having fun and finding the courage to be someone different who stands up for the future of humanity and all creatures on the Earth in each and every action you take towards your sustainable lifestyle.

Doesn’t it feel good to be different in this small way? What would please me much, much more was if everyone lived as if the welfare of Mother Earth, Gaia, Mother Nature, (or whatever label you call home) really mattered.  I yearn to see the day when we are all the same.

Being different is maybe good in the short term, but a big green groundswell that reaches a tipping point is far superior.  Change at the community level is the only thing that will make a difference in the long run to our environment which without we do not stand much of a chance.  It makes me laugh when I hear the term “Save the Environment”.  As I know full well that the environment is not something separate from humans, what that term really means, and has a bigger punch in the process is “Save Humanity and all other Species on the planet”.  It has a better ring to it, and a worthier goal.

So lets take the “different” and make it “the norm”.  Reach out to your local community and share all the different things you do in your sustainable lifestyle, and I’ll bet you my best laying chicken, that you will also make a difference to someones life as well!

Who is up for the challenge?


  1. says

    Wise words , Gavin. I suspect that this country is in the midst of a wonderful change and we are all part of this gentle revolution that is wafting its way into the minds of people everywhere. Isn’t it exciting ! No not different…..we are just AWESOME!

  2. Rivergirl says

    Don’t forget those of us who fall into that category of part-time wannabe greenie go-getters!! If you looked at my life on some days you wouldn’t see a lot of green/simple living and yet on other days the fact that I buy one or two organic foods a week has some friends and family looking aghast and thinking an alien has landed. It’s exciting to read blogs like these and know how life can be even if for some of us we’re far from that sort of commitment. For whatever reason. I’m just grateful such enthusiasts are out there paving the way.

  3. Anonymous says

    thanks Gavin, I was feeling a little discouraged last nigh gluing second hand shoes back together. But I can’t justify buying new ones! I am not alone! Prue

  4. says

    I feel different but no longer feel alone. I’m sensing some sort of groundswell, and think that when electricity and gas – and other – prices rise high (and they’re certainly on the up-and-up now), this will in turn have people looking at how to cut costs and turn to other methods of doing things in their lives. It will be good for those people to have others around living that life already so they can learn from them.

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