Blog Maintenance

No, the site is not going down for maintenance, I just wanted to share a few bloggy things, which are not specifically green per se.

Today the blog had a massive spike in traffic directed from Homestead Survival which linked to one of my clay oven posts at about 1am AEST today.  This site is quite unlike one I have ever seen before.  The posts consist of a link to a subject, then an Amazon advertisement.  That is it, no other content, just this format repeated many times over each day.

As you can see by the graph, it was an amazing jump in readership.  Being a bit of a stats fan, this blog usually has between 40-100 page views and hour, so to get over 1900 in a single hour was amazing.

So, if you are one of my new readers, welcome, and I invite you to stay and have a look around.  There are lots of good homesteading articles to read and digest.

Also, I have had a few reports that the green wibya bar at the bottom of the blog may be causing a few issues with older web browsers.  If you are having an issue with scrolling down the page, or page freezing or browser crashing, either let me know via comment below or via email.  I will disable it if this is indeed the case.

If anyone has questions/observations regarding this blog, specifically format, search-ability, layout, etc. just leave a comment as I always welcome constructive feedback.

Other than those couple of things, back to regular The Greening of Gavin tomorrow.


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  1. Anonymous says

    yes, this is the only blog i have this problem, it takes a while for it to unfreeze and for me to be able to scroll down.

  2. says

    I was having the same problem, figured it was my browser, and had taken to checking your site on the “new” computer at work, where it loads very quickly. So thanks for taking it off, even though it was kind of cool.

  3. Anonymous says

    Was having the same problem with the page freezing and taking ages to load, but not this morning ~ thank you

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi Gavin – I see your one millionth viewer will soon be recorded on your hit counter, though you don’t need help from Homestead Survival. I imagine you are going to do something special for the event or even for the viewer…….. It’s like winning the lottery.

    • says

      Yes David, I am getting very excited. You are totally correct, I certainly has a good readership already!

      Thanks everyone! Nearly at a million pageviews.

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