Watching A Solar Installation In Action!

I must be in awe of the amazing rate and vast capital outlay of solar PV investment in Germany, because everywhere I look around the net, I find stories of big, and I mean big instalations.

Like this one near the city of Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia.  When complete it will have 44,000 solar panels and produce 10 Megawatts at peak.  The initial outlay is about €12 million Euro.

That is enough to produce electricity for about 3,000 average 4-person households.  The solar power plant is located in a gravel and sand pit (novel relationship).  I would hate to have to clean all of those panels after a sand storm!

Anyway, being a enterprising bunch, the installers have set up a web cam so you can watch the plant being constructed.  Here is the web address to the web cam.  It is so cool to watch this marvel under construction!  If you wait a for a couple of minutes the camera will pan to all four pre-set positions and you can get a better idea of the immensity of this project.

We need investment here in Australia like this.  So I say this to our government.  Grow some hairy ones, make a decent decision and plant the seeds for this type of investment!  We need to get off of our addiction to coal based electricity generation before it is too late for us, our kids, and future generations to come!
(end rant)

(Source: Clean Technica)

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    What do you think is better… shared installations or every household and business generating their own? I assume there is efficiency both in cost and energy in shared infrastructure.

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