The Sky Will Not Fall Due To The Carbon Tax

Quite frankly readers, I am really sick of all the political and media hype about the carbon tax and that the sky will fall come 1st July.  This ABC 7.30 report from last night puts some perspective to the so called carbon tax.

Nothing bad will happen!  The sun will still shine on my solar panels as it does most days, my plants will still grow, and my chickens will still lay eggs.  The price of electricity will rise minimally, but I have been duly compensated by increased government payments.

So rock on July 1st, because like any other apocalyptic prediction in the past, stuff all will occur to you and I.  Only good can come from it, however Big polluters will do anything to try and convince you otherwise.  After all, it is their bottom line that they are more concerned about, not the fate of humanity.  

The same thing political and media bullshit happened when the Goods and Services Tax was introduced.  Mayhem? I think not!


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    I predicted earlier that my usage charges would rise by no more than 2.3 cents per kWh due to the carbon tax.

    Origin partially confirmed that this week by informing me that my Green Power surcharge will be reduced by 44% or about 2.4cents per kWh to compensate for the price rises due partially to the carbon tax AND OTHER FACTORS.

    So I’m predicting that the price rise will be higher but I intend to take them to task on this and ask for a breakdown of the increases.

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    I LOVE the carbon tax! Forget the political crap (yes I agree with you African Aussie, the solar subsidies were great and should still be there) but our govt. have finally made a step with regards to the environment. What’s not to love about that! Hopefully this is the first step and many more changes follow. The carbon tax is a huge win in my eyes.

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    The carbon tax as I understand it it is designed to drive change, big polluters are going to have to change to maintain profits , yes some things may cost more but I believe we are being fairly compensated.

    If you go to your local store and you think that prices have risen by unjustifiable amounts make them change by using your feet and shopping elsewhere.

    Drive change, don’t stop when you park your car at home …
    If you think your power bill has gone up too much ,change supplier.. better still cut your power consumption. As my lights need replacing now I replace them with 240 volt LED lights for between $5 and $12 from ebay. Etc etc

    The choice is ours , would you buy a product from a highly polluting provider and pay the tax for their pollution too ?. I would rather buy product from a company that is driving change and polluting less .

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    I think the money would have been better spent to subsidize solar panels and solar hot water, yet they are taking those subsidies away. At the moment it is just a case of moving money around.

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    I agree that something needs to be done about carbon emissions (among other things), but time will tell whether this carbon tax is the answer. The main effects will be on people who work for a “big polluter” or buy products from a “big polluter” (like cement or steel) – because let’s admit that those big polluters only exists because we support them with our purchases – or if you’re not eligible for increased payments. Then your life will change, and so it should really, because the point of the carbon tax is to change behaviour, but it would have been nice to see it applied consistently to drive change in consumption, rather than production. I prefer the “consumption tax” concept, I think it would be more effective. With or without a tax, we should be choosing to reduce our emissions and taking the great example that you’re setting Gavin.

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      Thanks Liz. A consumption tax would be much better, similar to the GST, however businesses with low emissions may be treated similar to those with massive emissions. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

      You are right that we should voluntary reduce our own emissions for the greater good, but alas, it has not worked so far, no matter how much I set an example or rant and rave. If we all acted for the moral good, we wouldn’t be in this pickle in the first place?


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