On The Up

Great news.

Kim and Ben have both nearly recovered from the bout of gastro they caught.  Even though they have not been very active today, they are in very good spirits. They were fully out of action for two entire days, with recovery taking a few days more.  

Fortunately, I did not catch the bug, partly due to lack of contact on Tuesday when Ben first displayed symptoms (I was at work), and when Kim came down with it on Thursday, I diligently washed everything she touched, spraying with methylated spirits to ward off any potential infection to myself.  I also consciously avoided touching my face, and kept my own food intake low.   By the end of the second day, a mild form of self imposed OCD had set in, especially about well lathered hand washing, but I managed to break that today without issue as I saw that the worst was over and the infection had passed.

I also feel much, much better myself.  The blues have been fought off with lots of sunshine absorption over the past two days, and the knowledge that each day is now getting longer by a few minutes, and that my family is recovering.

It is enough to put a rose in anyone’s cheeks.


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    I wish more people were sensible like you with germs… not like the snotty check out guy who coughed into his hand then handed me my change and receipt! Yuk! This is the same guy who will have colds and flu and sick days three times this winter – it annoys the hell out of me! I’m not a total germophobe but I do not cough and sneeze over people and I wash my hands and keep my work space clean. It’s not hard, folks!

    I’m glad the family is on the mend – gastro is not something we succumb to, TG!

    I’m fairly new to your blog but have added you to my blog list and will back track for a good read.

    Cheers – Joolz

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