Finishing Touches

As it was the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, I had lots of plans to get many tasks performed around the urban farm.

However, as the weather would have it, most of the stuff I wanted to do got compressed into one single day.  Saturday and Sunday were cold, raining and miserable, but gave me time to work a little on the eBook and to watch a movie or two.

So lets have a look at what we got up to.

Suitably dressed for the cold weather and looking about as fashionable as I get at home, I picked beans.  Managed to harvest a whole bucket, and laid them out to dry in the greenhouse.  I will shell them next weekend and store for eating.

Kim and I put the finishing touches on the clay cob oven.  We had procrastinated for far too long regarding rendering the besser brick base because I didn’t want to use any more cement on it (high CO2-e emissions), so in the end, we found some spare outdoor paint and just painted it.  The base came up a treat!  We then finished off the rest of the grouting around the mosaics, and filled a few cracks in the outer cement shell.  It looks great.

While we had the paint out, we made the wicking bed look prettier, and planted it out.  We had a ficus tree that had become pot bound, so gave it a new home hoping that it will bush up and fill a large space.

We planted a herb garden around the base including sage, rosemary, oregano, and thyme.  When bigger we can use the herbs in cooking performed in the cob oven!

We also did a general tidy up, because the space on the east side of the house was getting messy and unloved.  With all the paint, and a bit of TLC, it now looks great.    Just in time for a Pizza party for the sustainable living group next Saturday.  It should be a great little shindig!


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    The cob oven & wicking bed freshly planted both look great. Nice paint colour too. We are planning a smaller pizza oven (because everything here needs to be mini-sized to suit the land size), so I have been reading back through your cob oven construction posts. Thanks – it is making our planning and researching much easier.

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