TGoG Podcast 028 – Craig Ambrose at Atamai Eco-Village

Resilience.  How do we build it into our communities?  Can you build resilience from the ground up?  Well Craig Ambrose from Motueka, NZ thinks so, as do many like-minded people through the world.  Originally a Melbourne lad, Craig moved to NZ to seek a resilient community.

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A short distance from the small town of Motueka, in the northern part of New Zealand’s South Island, Atamai Village is well underway in its goal to provide homes, food and economic security for 50 families in a well-planned, permaculture-inspired development.  You can visit their Facebook page at


Craig and his son William at Atamai Village Commons

Please join me as we listen to Craig talk about his family’s journey and efforts to help establish this resilient community.

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  1. says

    people like these (and you Gavin) are the ones who will survive! the back to the earth movement here in the USA was a nice try…but not to many stuck it out for the long haul! to survive one has to be in it forever!

  2. says

    I listened to the whole thing. Craig has an approach and an enthusiasm , real guts and a desire to learn that need to be bottled and fed to everyone.

    Cygnet has people like Craig. They are arriving in droves, but it is, so far, as individuals. My desire is to bring them all together to make Cygnet a retrofitted, resilient community. We now have a voice, called The Huon Crier; a free monthly newsletter put together by a small group of us…. step by step we gather momentum.

    • says

      Well done Kate. It was a quite a long podcast, but full of great insight into building community from the ground up. Yes Craig is very enthusiastic, and is really working hard at it.

      I think that every town has people like Craig, and they just need to find like minded folk who are willing to bring it all together.

      Nice work on you newsletter as well!

      Gav x

  3. says

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but will be moving it to the top of my playlist!

    I have a friend who moved with his wife from Kiama to Atamai, and another family we’re close to have just bought land there and are moving over later this year.

    Relocating there is not for me, but I find what they’re doing fascinating and inspiring and will continue to follow their adventures. It’s a rich source of ideas for things we can do in our own communities.

    Atamai sponsors a podcast at, and their web page is at

    Hemon, the guy in the stillframe on the video above, blogs at

  4. Anonymous says

    Actually having met the people from Atamai I can only describe them as all talk and no action. They are full of clever videos and blogs but when it comes to real work they all vanish.
    Atamai itself has been in the works for 6 years, countless tonnes of earth have been moved by an army of trucks (how eco is that??) and the only actual buildings so far are rather ramshackle sheds with no green credentials whatsoever……Beware!!!

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