Another Great Year!

Guess what day it is?

I had a fantastic day with family, and Kim cooked up a great Shepherds Pie that no one could tell it was vegetarian, with home made garlic bread.  Kim made the bread and I supplied the garlic from last years crop.  

The cake was to die for.  Kim made a double Victoria chocolate sponge cake with shaved white chocolate.

My daughter Megan took this picture which really captured the moment.  

Here is to another great green year!


  1. says

    Happy Birthday Gavin and here’s to many more green years ahead. Beautiful birthday cake too – any chance of the recipe being shared for both the cake and the shepherds pie – they both look and sound delicious.

  2. says

    Hope this year is as great as last Gavin, Happy Birthday. You obviously do birthdays in style. What a great meal and a brilliant cake:)

  3. Anonymous says

    This in my view is one of the best posts Gavin has put on his blog! It epitomizes the way life should be. The whole family joining in to make a special day for Gavin with home made food from the garden or the kitchen and the sheer delight on Gavin’s face as he is presented with his birthday cake. I can almost hear the Happy Birthday song coming through the picture. Compare this with someone I went to visit recently whose birthday it was and I was offered a piece of her birthday cake. It was a tasteless white cake from the supermarket with fake cream on top and a few streaks of synthetic red stuff over it. The husband served it with some hard imported strawberries – and they all though it was wonderful….ugh. Gavin you are clearly a happy man, and I’m sure much of your happiness comes from your new way of life. You and your family are an inspiration to us all.

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