TGoG Podcast 027 – Sustainable Living Presentation

TGOG+podcast+logo+new+1400+v2This podcast was recorded at a live presentation about Sustainable Living that I gave to the Melton Gardening Club on 25th April 2012 before an audience of about 35 members.

I took Ben along as my assistant, and he really enjoyed himself.  The feedback on our trip home was “Dad, I really liked listen to you talk about the way we live”.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:44:57)
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After the presentation, I was give a tin of ANZAC biscuits as a thank you which we really appreciated.  There was a Q and A session, but I didn’t include that in the podcast because there was just too much background noise which is a shame because there were some great questions.


I hope you take the time to listen to this presentation about our journey so far.
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Until next time, stay green and keep keen!


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