My Favourite Podcasts

Someone asked me the other day what my favourite podcasts were.  Well besides my own podcast, which I love producing, there are a few outstanding podcasts that provide me with inspiration and information.

One of my old time favourites is the KunstlerCast, featuring James Howard Kunstler and hosted by Duncan Crary.  I discovered this podcast way back in 2008 when it first started, and it has partially helped to shape my world view of the current shitstorm we are facing.  Have a listen to the promo clip on the episode page to get a feel for what Jim is all about.  It was this very podcast that spurred me into action to produce my own.

Another favourite is More Hip Than Hippy.  Val and Dori are hilarious, informative, sometimes over the top, but well worth a listen.  One of their signature segments is chocolate and beer from all over the world that listeners send them.  They have one heck of a following, but well deserved, because they discuss many green/eco topics and do a fair bit of research.

More closer to home is the newly discovered Environmentality, in which I recently appeared.  It is really a radio show converted to a podcast, but I reckon this still counts.  They have a lot of informative interviews that help inform us about what is happening in our local area in the environmental community here in Melbourne.

On the gardening podcast front, one of my favourites is Alternate Kitchen Garden by Emma Cooper and hails from the UK.  Even though the seasons are out of kilter for us Aussies, it is still worth a listen because I like the way she presents, being informative and climate change aware.  She even has the occasional report from some guest presenters here in Melbourne.

Finally, a newly discovered podcast about all things that will help you wake up and smell the coffee is Radio Ecoshock by Alex Smith in Canada.  He describes the show as;


I look forward to the up to date climate news and views about resource depletion and energy descent and the extensive show notes/transcript on his website.  If you want to learn the what is really going on around you on this planet, you could do no better than listen to this well produced radio show/podcast.

Also on a personal note, don’t forget to have a listen to my very own podcast “The Greening of Gavin” for great interviews and information about sustainable living tips and thoughts.  I am currently producing podcast #26 which is about Shop Less, Live More!  It should be released in a few days, and will contain a walk down Bourke Street Mall here in Melbourne and a few audio bites that I have found to round out my thoughts.  It should be entertaining!

All I can say is that if you have a long commute like I do each day, you can spend your time wisely listening to informative podcasts to help pass the time away.  Besides writing blog posts, researching my next project, and reading the odd sustainable living book, I can thing of nothing more enjoyable to do on a train heading to and from work.  It is the simple things in life that are often the most enjoyable.

If you have any favourite eco podcasts, please leave a comment to share the love!


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