Gav’s Autumn Patch Update


Someone at work asked me today what I had growing in the veggie patch for winter.  It took me a while to remember, so thought I better post a reminder for myself.  This will also help when I look back on the blog next year to see what I had in the ground about this time of year.A while back (February I think) I planted some brassicas from seed.  This is a calabrese broccoli being   [Continue Reading …]

Cheeky Chicken and The Pumpkin Harvest


Yesterday I was clearing the pumpkin patch as it was dying off.  A simple and rewarding task that kept me busy for 20 minutes.  However it took me more like 40 minutes due to this head cold I now have.  All this vine is heading for the compost bin when it shrinks a bit over the next few days.I had some helpers.  The two bantams were free ranging, so I had a constant companion   [Continue Reading …]

Those Dreaded Energy Bills!


I just received my latest energy bills, one for electricity and one for natural gas.  However before I reveal all, I have a little story.A friend recently posted on her Facebook page her latest power bill with a bit of a whinge about the price of electricity.  Her's was modest, so she asked others what their last bill was.  There were some that were below $200 and some as   [Continue Reading …]

Herbal Remedy for Laryngitis


If you just listened to my last post, you won't believe what you are about to read!Yesterday, I lost my voice.  The virus that Kim had been carrying around for two weeks had finally won and I was suffering greatly in the vocal chord department.  When I woke in the morning, I could whisper and talk slightly, and had a painful cough.I felt horrible all day, couldn't function very well   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 027 – Sustainable Living Presentation


This podcast was recorded at a live presentation about Sustainable Living that I gave to the Melton Gardening Club on 25th April 2012 before an audience of about 35 members.   I took Ben along as my assistant, and he really enjoyed himself.  The feedback on our trip home was "Dad, I really liked listen to you talk about the way we live". After the presentation, I was give a tin of ANZAC   [Continue Reading …]

Feedback: Titanic Post

I must admit that yesterday's post was quite deep and a little dark, however I had some great feedback at both sites. Kristy over at See My Footprints in her post titled "But how....exactly?" wrote about planning for the future.  She talked about writing up a plan that would help her start new actions, which was great.However what really caught my eye was a reply from Linda Woodrow from The   [Continue Reading …]

Yet The Band Played On….


A topical rework of an article I wrote back in 2009.  I recently posted it on the Simple, Green, Frugal Coop.Who feels like we are all on the RMS Titanic, sailing full steam ahead, not knowing that an iceberg was about to appear on the horizon?  I know I do most of the time.The passengers and crew of this mighty vessel were unaware of the fate on its maiden voyage, as are most of the 7   [Continue Reading …]

MSLG Mozzarella Workshops


I find teaching people new skills exciting and very satisfying.  Saturday was no exception.  This workshop was offered to members of the Melton Sustainable Living Group and if we were desperate for numbers, it was going to be open to friends.  However it turned out to be so popular that we had 12 interested members within a week.  I offered my services for free and each student   [Continue Reading …]

Working The Cheese


Big day tomorrow!  I am teaching not one, but two cheese making workshops and we are making my favourite 30 minute Mozzarella.I have one class from 10am - 12pm of six people, and then a bit of a rest and another class from 2pm - 4pm including our lad Benjamin.  All of the attendees are from the Melton Sustainable Living Group, so I know everyone quite well, so it should be a good laugh   [Continue Reading …]

Coal Seam Gas Song

You are all in for a treat today, dear readers.  I found a great, and topical little song by The Chooks, all about coal seam gas.  Have a listen, and it is free to distribute far and wide!The Australian version of fracking is all about profit and is doing nothing to enhance the local energy mix.  The vast majority of this gas is sold overseas where the demand is very high.   [Continue Reading …]

Can I Change Your Mind About…. Climate


I don't normally write another post so quickly, but wanted to spread this far and wide.  If you get this in time, and live in Australia, please have a look at this show.  Also there is a survey, so lets use our voices to show politicians who will probably act on these results, that we are concerned about our changing climate and want them to continue to act in our best interest!   [Continue Reading …]

Victoria University’s Gardening Workshops


I love gardening workshops, and here is a community announcement for a series of workshops in our local area.  They look good, and if you are struggling to grow your own food, you could do no better by going along and learning this skill.  Contact details are below. Victoria University’s Urban Green Living and Learning Hub proudly announces their new Gardening Workshops over the coming   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 026 – Shop Less, Live More


This episode is about why we should Shop Less, and Live More.  It includes observations about the state of consumerism in the Bourke St Mall, Melbourne, and a slightly edited interview from ABC Radio with Paul Gilding, author of The Great Disruption. Let me know if you found it interesting.  I always welcome feedback to improve the show. Don't forget that if you wish to receive the show   [Continue Reading …]

Connecting The Dots

Whilst I am working on the next podcast, I thought I would leave you with this video from the Connect the Dots campaign that is happening on May 5th 2012.The world is indeed a big place and sometimes we just do not make the connections that we should about climate change.  All of these extreme weather events are inter-related, and it takes a video like this one to help put it all together for   [Continue Reading …]

My Favourite Podcasts


Someone asked me the other day what my favourite podcasts were.  Well besides my own podcast, which I love producing, there are a few outstanding podcasts that provide me with inspiration and information.One of my old time favourites is the KunstlerCast, featuring James Howard Kunstler and hosted by Duncan Crary.  I discovered this podcast way back in 2008 when it first started, and it   [Continue Reading …]

Pump Me Up!


As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I now have a 12 volt, 40 psi water pump, which I installed yesterday.  Ben and I built the box out of the last of the plywood, which was quite easy to put together, and I made a lid to fit without hinges.I installed most of the components in the box before putting it in place, then ran the wiring from the battery box, along the wall, across the top of the   [Continue Reading …]