Solar Credit Rebate Reduction Soon

I noticed recently that the Australian Government is changing the Solar Credit Rebate as scheduled on the 1st July 2012.  Basically the multiplier with with they calculate your rebate is changing from 3 to 2.  This means that no matter what part of Australia you are in, you will get 33% less of a rebate if you order a system after this date.

The government website describes the reduction as follows;

On 5 May 2011, the Australian Government announced that the Solar Credits multiplier would be reduced to three for small-scale systems installed from 1 July 2011. The multiplier will phase down by one each year consistent with the original intent of the Solar Credits multiplier reducing over time, until the multiplier is phased out by 1 July 2013.

The site goes on to explain it further, but not in plain English, so it is a little confusing, even for me.

Now being the friendly people they are, my podcast sponsors (not that I have produced a podcast lately), EnviroShop are holding a free community information evening on Solar Power.  As I mentioned, it is a crucial time for Solar Power right now as there will soon be significant changes to solar rebates and incentives. They believe the local community needs to be informed of what is happening.  I apologise in advance, as it is only in Melbourne.

Please find the details below:
What: Free Solar Power Info Session
When: Wednesday 28th March, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Where: EnviroGroup
8 Arthurton Road

Please RSVP: 26th March to 9095 7421, or register online at

Please note: I have not been paid for this plug nor will ever accept money or payment in kind for products or services, unless I specifically state it in the post.  I am helping to advertise this session free of charge, because I know that the people that work at EnviroShop actually care a lot about sustainable living, and are not some fly-by-night solar installer.  I trust them, and refer their solar services regularly.

So, if you are after some information about Solar power, and the changes to the rebate scheme, and live near Melbourne, you could do no worse attending the session.

Gav x


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    I just love how the Government goes out of it’s way to encourage a more environmentally and sustainable way of life. I wish they would show the same kind of encouragement to the Mining Industry.

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      Great to hear from you Nevyn! I agree with you. They have it the wrong way around at the moment. Renewable energy could be so big, yet they do not give it the attention it deserves.

      Gav xxxxxxxx

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    Hey Gav. Our power company decided to just not pay us for our output this (summer hot!) quarter. I queried it. ‘oh… they disregarded the reading (and didn’t pay us) because it was too high’… [insert blank look from me]. Well on that logic I might disregard and not pay my bill because I think it’s too high!

    I posted about that pearler here.

    As to the reduction for the Solar Credits… it’s just nuts. Understatement of the year. Good luck to everyone (and the companies trying to keep up!) getting their system in in time. We have already had reductions in the rebates over here in WA.

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      I read your post Kristy, what a sham. I wish I could ignore bills just because the reading was too high. What planet do they think they are living on?

      Gav x

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