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I am not feeling very well today, and decided to spend the day in bed getting well, but I just had to tell you all about this.

Remember last week when I wrote about the visit by Greg and Sophie?  I wrote about it in this post aptly titled “Simple Lives“.

Anyway, Greg has written a profile about me over on his website, Simple Lives, which paints quite an accurate picture of me (the good, bad and ugly).  It was a surreal feeling, reading about myself in that much detail, and it was a bit out of body.  It is good when someone takes the time to know you, instead of just capturing media sound bites.  Good job Greg.  I didn’t realise that I said ‘bloody’ that often. xD

So if you want to read about the real me, from someone elses point of view, pop on over to have a read about “Gavin Webber – The Green Bloke

In other news, Ben and I spent the day in the veggie patch after the little chooky visitors had left.  We worked over three garden beds, and planted all the brassicas that I grew from seedlings, a bed of broad beans, and some more spring onions into the existing allium bed.  On this side of the garden, there is only the eggplants to remove in a couple of weeks, when I will plant the entire bed with garlic.  Ben learnt a lot of great things like brassicas need lots of organic matter in the soil, and like a bit of garden lime watered in before you plant them.  He learnt about how long to water fruit trees in pots (count to 100), and how far apart and deep to plant broad beans.  I will get him to take some pictures today after school, not that there is much to see.

It was a fun day, and we were both knackered by 4pm.  Great father/son time.  Thanks Ben!


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    Sorry you’re not feeling well, better soon! Sounds like you’ve been busy in the garden! Over to read what Greg has written up about you 😉

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      Hi Theanne, I am feeling much better now. Just had one of those sicky, nausea type days, drained and washed out. After a bit of rest, and a small meal, I am on top of things again.

      Greg sure did a good job of capturing my ‘essence’.

      Gav x

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