Earth Hour This Saturday


So as Earth Hour approaches (Saturday 31st March 8.30-9.30pm), we will be having a small get together with close friends around the pool deck lit by solar lighting and Kim's home made candles.  No mains lights, no computers, no TV, only the hum of the refrigerator.  It should be good fun.  I hope all of you are planning something special as it is the chance to embrace your   [Continue Reading …]

TGoG Podcast 025 – The Long Drive Home


This recording will either work, or be the worst podcast I have ever recorded.  This episode is a recording that I made on the journey home from Melbourne to Melton. It is an observational piece where I prattle on about the unsustainable and sustainable features of the city.  There are many unsustainable features on my journey home, which I just usually mentally note, but here is a chance for   [Continue Reading …]

The Diderot Effect


Over at the Simple Green Frugal Co-op, I have written a new and original essay about a psychological effect that I stumbled upon, called the "Diderot Effect".  It is one of those things that advertisers try to tap into to trick us into becoming rampant consumers.  It tricks us into buying crap we don't really need, with money we don't have, to impress people we don't   [Continue Reading …]

The Green Bloke


I am not feeling very well today, and decided to spend the day in bed getting well, but I just had to tell you all about this.Remember last week when I wrote about the visit by Greg and Sophie?  I wrote about it in this post aptly titled "Simple Lives".Anyway, Greg has written a profile about me over on his website, Simple Lives, which paints quite an accurate picture of me (the good, bad and   [Continue Reading …]

Chook Sitting


During the last week, we have been chook sitting.  A bit like baby sitting but with chickens.Our neighbours asked us if we would like to look after their little hens as they were going to Fiji to get married, so we jumped at the chance.Les (our neighbour) brought over their little house which fit easily into one of my vacant garden beds. They were very willing little workers, turning over the   [Continue Reading …]

Environmentality Radio Interview


As I mentioned yesterday, I was interviewed on by Jaime and Bridget form the radio show, Environmentality on 98.9 North West FM her in Melbourne.  Here is the podcast in an embedded player for all of those who would like to listen to the interview. If you would like to download the mp3, click on the button below.I hope you listen to the entire radio   [Continue Reading …]

Crazy Exciting Downshift Day


Wednesday was a downshift day, and I put it to very good use!As you read in the post "Simple Lives", we had Greg and Sophie here in the morning making Feta and doing an interview for his book.  What I did not mention yesterday were all of the other things that went on during the day as well.At about 9am, I received a phone call from a radio show called Environmentality, that runs on   [Continue Reading …]

Simple Lives


Kim and I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know a lovely young couple over the last two days. Left to right: Yours truly, Greg, Sophie.Greg and Sophie are on their way around Australia in search of interesting people who live simple lives as material for a book.  Greg had organised this visit months ago, well before the recent media frenzy that I will write about during the   [Continue Reading …]

Harvest Festival


As the Autumnal Equinox is upon us today (equal day and night), I thought I would let you know what we have been up to regarding home grown foodOn Saturday, the Melton Sustainable Living Group had its monthly meeting, which also included a workshop about container gardening for renters, and the yearly harvest festival.  All members were encouraged to bring along stuff they have grown,   [Continue Reading …]

Free ATA Webinar – Energy Efficiency

On the 4th April at 11am, I have been invited to be one of the presenters during the next free Alternative Technology Association Webinar.  A webinar is a bit like a seminar however it is the online version.  Think of it as a teleconference with pictures.The subject of this webinar is "Retrofitting Your Home for Energy Efficiency", and it should be very informative.  Clicking on the   [Continue Reading …]

Holey Tank Swap Batman!


Over the last couple of days I have made a trade.  I believe it was the best trade ever!Remember this rainwater tank with a hole in it?Well I was going to cut it up into three parts which were going to become garden beds.  This is of course until a friend came a long and said he could fix it.  Well, because it had already replaced, and I had already tried to fix it myself, so I had   [Continue Reading …]

ReNew Blog of the Year


In January, a kind reader sent me though some information about a competition that was being run by the Alternative Technology Association who were looking for the best sustainable living blog in Australia.  Thanks to a nudge from Michael in Canberra, I nominated my blog.   Remember when I wrote about submitting a nomination for a blog award, and everyone helped out by linking, liking   [Continue Reading …]

Wise Words Wednesday


Today's WWW question comes from Theanne in Florida, USA, who left a comment for me over on the Simple Green Frugal Co-op.  I feel that I did not respond adequately.  Here is the question;Theanne talk the talk and walk the walk, I like that! Are there resources for people who want to do what they can to "save our planet" but they live in apartments...I'd love to find   [Continue Reading …]

Solar Credit Rebate Reduction Soon

I noticed recently that the Australian Government is changing the Solar Credit Rebate as scheduled on the 1st July 2012.  Basically the multiplier with with they calculate your rebate is changing from 3 to 2.  This means that no matter what part of Australia you are in, you will get 33% less of a rebate if you order a system after this date.The government website describes the reduction   [Continue Reading …]

Exiting The Rat Race

Today's main post is over at the Simple Green Frugal Co-op.  For those new readers I am proud to be a part of this enthusiastic co-operative of writers who post daily about all things, well, simple, green, and frugal.  I have been writing there fortnightly since December 2008. Anyway, my post is about "Exiting the Rat Race", which is something that took me a while to   [Continue Reading …]

A Bit of Rest and Gardening


It has been a long weekend here in Victoria, so I have made the most of it.  Today was the official holiday celebrating the establishment of the 8 hour day in this state, back in 1876.In this Victoria, our dear land,The first that dared be free,To show the world what freedom meantIn new lands 'cross the sea- Ode to the Eight Hours' PioneersHamilton MackinnonApril 21, 1896I just   [Continue Reading …]

Yellow Curry of Pumpkin


We still have a few pumpkins left over from last years crop, so I cut one open the other night.  It was in perfect condition even after nearly 10 months of storage, and it was a good feeling that we still had some of this yummy vegetable even as we grow the new crop.On to the curry.  This is a simple veggie recipe that I found in one of the many cookbooks that I have, that I thought I   [Continue Reading …]

The Day Bed


As most of you know, I am heavy into the reuse of things.  Old beds are no exception.Kim has wanted a day bed for a while for our deck, and we just happened to have the top bunk of a double bunk bed disassembled in the spare room.  I put it together, less one of the sides, Kim decorated it with cushions that we had laying around and a nice throw rug, and there you have it, one comfy day   [Continue Reading …]