Sustainable Living Festival 2012

For those of you in Melbourne this weekend, treat yourself and head on down to Federation Square and Birrarung Marr for the annual Sustainable Living Festival.  It is the premier event on the sustainable living calendar for the year!

I go every year and it is so much fun.  I take along a few friends and whatever kids happen to be living at home at the time, and spend an entire day there.  I love all of the presentations, and the green market, which has so much information for those who are wondering about the green/sustainable lifestyle.  It invigorates and inspires me to do better.

Here is my posts about the festival in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.  A great review of what the festival is all about.  I especially like the food and this is one of the places that I fell in love with a good vegetarian curry!  I can’t wait to listen to what Michael Reynolds (aka The Garbage Warrior) has to say for himself this year.  He was hoot last year.

So if you are in the city, come along and join the fun.  I will be there some of Friday afternoon, and all day Sunday.  We may even cross paths.  You will know me when you see me.  I will be the silver bearded guy wearing the black “The Greening of Gavin” T-Shirt.  You can’t miss me really!

To download the weekend’s program, click on the picture at the top of the page.

See you there.

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  1. says

    Hi Gavin, We’ll be there! We haven’t been before but Dirt Girl told us all about it. We’re big Dirt Girl fans in this house. I’ll keep an eye out for you. I’ll be the frazzled mum chasing the kids!

  2. says

    Have a great time Gav, not sure that I’ll make it this year, but we’re hosting a few events in Geelong this year, so I’ll support what I can from here.

  3. says

    Hi, Gav. I saw this advertised in the latest G Mag and must say I got a tiny bit jealous that this event was happening on the other side of the country. Have a great time and I look forward to reading all about it on your blog.

  4. says

    Sounds great. @Bruise: I’m a tiny bit jealous that this event is happening on the other side of the world! We have nothing like these events in this area of NY. Love the idea of Sustainable House Day too. But I’d have to drive at least 100 miles to find anything even close. Have to live vicariously on the internet. Sigh.

  5. says

    Cheers everyone, I promise to take lots of photos. I reckon that every city should have an event like this. It would mean that enough people could learn and it would get closer to mainstream society.

    Gav x

  6. says

    Thanks I didn’t know this was on. Might try and take the trip to the big smoke tomorrow. I’m wondering what will be on in Geelong Alicia?

  7. says

    Damn, I would love to go but little man has swimming lessons smack in the middle of the day of Saturday and I have organised my mum to babysit kids whilst husband & I go and have a look at fridges since mine is on it’s last legs. Why do things only seem to last for 10 years these days??! Enjoy Gavin. I will be going next year for sure.

  8. Anonymous says

    Thanks Gavin Just wanted to let you know I did go for a while on Friday after I read your post. I wish I had known about this earlier so I could have organised myself better. I enjoyed the time I spent there.


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