Proud As Punch

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday.

You can see that I am very happy, and I am very proud that I stuck to my guns with this one.  It took a fair bit of effort last year to complete the Diploma of Carbon Management.  Many hours doing energy and resource audits, calculating greenhouse gas emissions, then trying to figure out the best way to abate the emissions at the cheapest cost to the business, then attempt to implement the plan in a real life environment!  All the while holding down a full time job, and keeping up with all my greening activities and the sustainable living group workshops.  What a year it was.

Who knows what this little piece of paper will bring, now that we have a carbon tax about to start in July?  Goodness, I hope.


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    Congratulations, Gav. That is great. You certainly should be very proud of the time and effort you have put into this. It is so inspiring how you epiphany all those years ago has changed your life in so many ways.
    Take care

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    Great job , Gavin. It is difficult studying and working as well…as well as trying to save the world.I think great things are in store for you now you have achieved this.

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    Congratulations! It isn’t easy to study and work full time…on top of being a green mentor for the rest of us. Good job. I hope you celebrated with the family.

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