Chicken Intelligence

After yesterdays post, I have been on the prowl for a video about how clever chickens are.  It is no news to me, because having lived with them for nearly 4 years now, I know the sorts of things they get up to.

A big thanks goes out to Stewart over at My Veggie Garden for posting this on Facebook for me to find.

I also found this thought provoking comment posted underneath the video on YouTube.  It really made sense to me.

he’s a dumb bird brain… she’s a greedy, filthy pig… he’s a disloyal dog… she’s a fat lazy cow… he’s a stubborn jackass… he’s a cowardly chicken… so much propaganda that animal enterprise businesses use to ingrain in peoples’ heads that animals are stupid, filthy and worthless with no redeeming qualities.
If people realized how similar animals are to us in all the “good” ways, how could they ever reconcile what horrors have been perpetrated upon them & continue to participate?  blakmira

Quite true when you think about it and I never thought about these sayings in that way before.  What do you think about the video and the comment?

P.S. I don’t have a question to post for Wise Words Wednesday.  If anyone has a burning question they would like answered by the readership, please send it through via email.

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  1. Adam says

    I think those phrases were around long before spin doctors. I really don’t think many use the reasoning “it is okay to mistreat a pig because they are greedy, filthy animals.” Rather it is a case of out of sight out of mind, particularly if that result in cheaper products. Most consumers would rather be in ignorant bliss.

  2. says

    It’s funny because a little while ago, we had someone over and one of the girls was calling out and I said ‘is that Spots’ and my son who is 6 said, ‘No Mummy, that’s Snow White. Spots goes ‘book-book-b-gerk!’ but Snow White goes ‘berk-berk-berk-bgerk!’… and he was right. So we know the girls now by their different calls, we know when the little Isa has been cornered by a stray cat (they were out, I ducked inside for a minute) etc
    I didn’t know a few of the things in the vid re the rooster but we don’t have one so that might be why!

    very interesting Gavin. Thanks for sharing the vid/link.

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