Big Oil vs Our Future

Nice to find an image that fits in with the latest revelation in Climate news yesterday.  One of Australia’s climate sceptics, Professor Bob Carter of James Cook University, found to be on the payroll of the Heartland Institute, a renowned front for big oil interests.  Read more about it in this article from The Age newspaper.  
Vested interests caught at it again!  Shameful.


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    Great flowchart ! Regardless of what I read or listen to I still take an historical position and believe that following the ways of my Grandmother are best when it comes to the question of how that knowledge affects how we live on a day by day basis. There is a lot to be learned from ‘the old ways’ – they were sustainable and green before the words were commonplace ! I find this to fascinating .

    • Adam says

      I agree whole-heartedly BusyWoman. The world be be a better place if we modelled our lives on how our grandparents lived. And that is exactly how I am trying to re-model my (and my family’s )life.

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    Along the lines of what Adam wrote, more and more I think maybe we should just stop focusing so much on climate change. Here in the US it’s a very divisive topic and the denialists are very well funded. Money talks.

    But let’s face it: the things we need to be doing to slow or mitigate climate change are things we need to be doing for a host of other reasons as well. Take, for example, food: industrially produced food has a huge carbon footprint, yes; it uses 10 calories of oil to produce 1 calorie of food. Common sense tells us such a system is unsustainable regardless of what it does to global temps. So without going near climate change, we have a very logical reason to begin eating local foods produced by yourself or farmers you can look in the eye. And because gov’t regulation is inadequate to protect our food supply, eating industrial food is becoming more and more likely to make you sick. Again, local or homegrown is a better protection. So we have several good reasons to change how we eat without even mentioning climate change.

    Tackling these other problems will, concurrently address climate change because they’re all symptoms of the same broken system. Even well-paid deniers need to eat and probably don’t want to get sick in the process! Let’s appeal to that part of the solution.

  3. Adam says

    There are vested interested on both sides of the fence, so I tend to avoid the ‘moral high ground’ as there will always be someone out there trying to shoot you down. I just try to set an example by acting (sustainably) responsible, and hope that other follow my lead, and avoid the politics of it all. The moment it becomes a policitcal or ideological discussion, people no longer listen to reason.

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    Ever heard of the Chandler Wobble? All this drilling is thought to contribute more to it. In Ohio they have temporarily banned fracking because it was determined that it caused recent earth quakes. They will never stop fracking until something really really terrible happens or they have sucked the earth dry, sad world we live in.

    **sorry deleted my last comment because of too many confusing spelling errors**

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    this is totally pessimistic, but when the earth has finally been destroyed and a little group of survivors have gone off to live on the moon or Mars or wherever…will anything be different?

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