4 Years Old!

In the beginning, Gavin created this blog.  “The Greening of Gavin” was empty and formless, so he began to write. He enjoyed telling all who cared to listen, watch, and read all about his family’s journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle and kept writing. He documented his green actions, his concerns and thoughts, his sadness, his joy, and shared them with the good people of the Earth, and they were happy.

Then Gavin said, “Let there be cheese”, and there was a cheese blog.  Many flocked to the cheesy goodness that was the “Little Green Cheese”,  and there was much rejoicing and eating of the cheese!

On the fourth year, he looked upon his creation and saw that it was good.

Seriously dear reader, and all biblical references aside, it is indeed this blog’s 4th anniversary.  I have thoroughly enjoyed writing every single time that I post.  Through good times and bad, I have shared with you over one thousand and twenty thoughts, and you in return have left over 5620 comments.  The blog has received over 672900 page views and they just keep being read.  It has even prompted me to spawn a spinoff cheese blog (well that and my love of cheese-making), where I write about my cheese hobby.  So blessed are the cheese-makers, or so Monty Python suggest in the Life of Brian!

I continue to believe that this blog is a collaboration of minds, because without you the reader, and your thought provoking comments, it would not be as half as enjoyable or informative as it is.  Hats off to you all and the many comments and emails that you have left here, on the facebook page, and on my YouTube channel!

So where to from here?  Well, as I said in my 1000th post, there is no sign of letting up, and when I do take the occasional short break, I begin to feel anxious and need to start writing again.  Even when my mojo is waning, something happens deep inside that tells me to write, and write I do.  There is always lots of stuff happening down on the urban farm!

Everywhere I look, there is subject matter to write about as I discover new facts about sustainable living, albeit sometimes depressing and overwhelming (to me anyway).  However, I hope that all of the good things that we do, and actions that we take help to give hope and comfort, with the realisation that we can make this planet a good place to live for our grandchildren and the future generations to come.

Thanks again for the continued patronage and wonderful comments.

Warmly and yours in greening,

Gav x


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    Well done on the 4th anniversary of blogging. I have learned a lot from visiting with you Gavin, so a big thank you for your wisdom and for being so willing to share…

    Looking forward to your future posts, may they continue to inspire those who read them!

    I have been blogging since December 2007, so four plus years for me too, shame I missed it lol!

    Happy blogversary!

  2. says

    Happy bloggerbirthday – I love reading about your cheese, chickens, veggies, water butts and showing people around your home – keep at it Gav……we love every word xxx

  3. says

    I still remember when you first started, Gavin and have enjoyed all of your works and the depths of your research….and yes, blessed are the cheese makers !

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