Wise Words Wednesday – Homeschool


Today's question comes from Michelle who writes a blog at "A Vision Splendid".  I believe that Michelle began to blog around a year earlier than I did.  Anyway, here is the email, with her permission."Hi Gavin and Kim,Just wondering how the homeschooling is going ? We are seriously considering this option for our boys ( now almost 11 and 14). It seems like such a natural progression in   [Continue Reading …]

Parmesan Disaster


Attention all curd nerds!  Pop on over to The Little Green Cheese to see my latest cheese that I had to bring back from the brink of disaster.The post is titled "Poor Parmesan", and is quite comical.  You will see what I mean if you drop on over.My best tip to any budding cheese maker is make sure you have quality milk.  I cannot emphasise this enough now that I have   [Continue Reading …]

Help Required At The Little Black Cow


Kim Barnes over at The Little Black Cow blog has a situation in her community that she asked me to bring to everyone's attention so that more people can hear what is going on.  A Coal Seam Gas company is scouting around her region (Belford/Branxton) in New South Wales, which is bad news for the farms and environment.  Kim has done some research on the Lock The Gate website and   [Continue Reading …]

Worm Farm Workshop


Last Saturday week, I held a workshop at my house for the Melton Sustainable Living group.  It was a simple workshop, but fun to present.  It took me about an hour to build and populate the new worm farm (rectangle box in photo), and additionally, I showed the audience how to harvest worm castings from my existing worm farm (round one in the photo).  Both of these worm farm kits are   [Continue Reading …]

Ceres Community Environmental Park


As it was downshift Wednesday, Kim and I took Ben on a home school excursion to Ceres Community Environmental Park.  We had a great outing, picked up some organic fruit,  some seeds and plants for the garden and checked out all the fantastic eco stuff.Let me take you on a little photo expose courtesy of Ben himself.  He was the designated photographer for the day, and he   [Continue Reading …]

Chicken Intelligence

After yesterdays post, I have been on the prowl for a video about how clever chickens are.  It is no news to me, because having lived with them for nearly 4 years now, I know the sorts of things they get up to.A big thanks goes out to Stewart over at My Veggie Garden for posting this on Facebook for me to find.I also found this thought provoking comment posted underneath the video on YouTube.   [Continue Reading …]



My chickens have no voice, but I know that they are happy because I treat them kindly and with respect.  I love my chickens, and everything they do in return for me.  They are well kept, have space to free-range amongst the garden beds (when empty), and they provide our family with entertainment and an abundance of healthy eggs!I have been quiet on the subject of factory farmed animals   [Continue Reading …]

SLF Fun in the Sun


We had a great day out today, and just got back from the Sustainable Living Festival a few hours ago.  Ben and I left at 0900, picked up our friends, David and his son Liam, and headed off to Federation Square.We arrived at about 10am, and did a lap of the green market place that took us about and hour.  There were so many stallholders with information and goods, that we just had to stop   [Continue Reading …]

Big Oil vs Our Future


Nice to find an image that fits in with the latest revelation in Climate news yesterday.  One of Australia's climate sceptics, Professor Bob Carter of James Cook University, found to be on the payroll of the Heartland Institute, a renowned front for big oil interests.  Read more about it in this article from The Age newspaper.  Vested interests caught at it again!   [Continue Reading …]

Farmhouse Peppercorn Blue


I am not sure how many people caught this post on my cheese blog, Little Green Cheese, but it was such an amazing discovery, that I had to share it here with you all.Make no mistake, I must have a gift.  My cheese disasters seem to turn into fantastic creations!Quite a while back in September 2011, I made two wheels of Farmhouse Cheddar with Peppercorns.  Kim and I opened one,   [Continue Reading …]

Sustainable Living Festival 2012


For those of you in Melbourne this weekend, treat yourself and head on down to Federation Square and Birrarung Marr for the annual Sustainable Living Festival.  It is the premier event on the sustainable living calendar for the year!I go every year and it is so much fun.  I take along a few friends and whatever kids happen to be living at home at the time, and spend an entire day there.   [Continue Reading …]

Wise Words Wednesday


Well this weeks letter comes from Vicky, who is a new reader.  Here is her question.Hi GavinVicky here, I have been listening to your podcasts..FANTASTIC!!!!As you were asking questions, to your guests, a question came up this evening with a long and dear friend about how she went out and spent $25.00 on a simple cotton nightie, so we asked "do we have a rag trade here   [Continue Reading …]

The Simple Life At the Co-op


Today's thought provoking post is over at the Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op, where I discuss whether living a simple life is really that simple.I discuss the change in mindset that happened to me and my family, and all of the new things that we had to think about, whilst leaving the old behaviours behind.Please join me over at the SGFC, with my post "The Simple Life.  Is it Really So   [Continue Reading …]

Proud As Punch


Look what arrived in the mail yesterday.You can see that I am very happy, and I am very proud that I stuck to my guns with this one.  It took a fair bit of effort last year to complete the Diploma of Carbon Management.  Many hours doing energy and resource audits, calculating greenhouse gas emissions, then trying to figure out the best way to abate the emissions at the cheapest cost to   [Continue Reading …]

4 Years Old!


In the beginning, Gavin created this blog.  "The Greening of Gavin" was empty and formless, so he began to write. He enjoyed telling all who cared to listen, watch, and read all about his family's journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle and kept writing. He documented his green actions, his concerns and thoughts, his sadness, his joy, and shared them with the good people of the Earth,   [Continue Reading …]

End of The Line – Possible Solutions


Researching possible solutions to avoid the collapse of the marine ecosystems has taken me all over the web.  Most solutions that I have come across are common sense, however during my research one theme kept popping into my head is this;More People = Less FishLess Fish = Less PeopleLess People = More Fish ad infinitum......Bit of a cycle isn't it?.  Let me make it clear, I don't   [Continue Reading …]