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You know what?  After having read an article in the latest G Magazine, I believe that I have been suffering from ‘Green Fatigue’.  Here is an extract so you see what I am on about;

“The Murray-Darling water plan.  Coal seam gas mining. Old growth logging. That ‘great big’ carbon tax. Yep, 2011 was a hectic 12 months for environmentalists – and those are just the major campaigns.  When you factor in the mental stress of making ethical decisions every time you shop, eat or travel, it’s easy to see how you can end the year suffering from a severe case of green fatigue.”

Last year, I got so caught up in so many causes, workshops, and articles, that I had green fatigue!  As you have probably been aware, I have only been blogging this year in short bursts.  This was the time-out that I needed to recover and renew afresh.  I don’t want to burn out.

I remember back in early December, when the Durban climate conference ended that I wanted to just yell at the top of my voice at the delegates to get a move on regarding climate action.  But I didn’t.  In fact I didn’t even write about it because at the time, I thought the outcome was a lost cause and more procrastination from global leaders.  Yes folks, I knew something was up when I didn’t take the time to share my thoughts with you regarding the COP17 conference, but will do so in the very near future.

Over the past few days, besides having some nasty tummy bug, I have taken the time to self-reflect.  I believe that by taking this ‘me’ time, I look inwards and reflect on all of the achievements I have made since my green epiphany.  My brain is filled with things like, ‘am I doing enough, am I doing too much, is my ying and yang in balance, can we eat and shop more ethically, am I spending quality time with loved ones, am I truly rid of the consumer culture, and am I communicating effectively to those who read the things I like to write about’.  These are just some of the thoughts that swim around my head.  To aid my self-reflection, I answered about 20 emails from readers tonight that I have been putting off for the last week or two (Kim calls it my fan mail, but I am far too modest 😉 ).  When I reply to reader emails it makes me realise a few things.  Firstly that anyone who takes the time to send humble ol’ me an email must be keen to learn more, and secondly that they will probably take any of my advice/experience on-board and reflect upon it themselves, and possibly act upon it.  This gives me the feeling that I am making a difference, and that if we wait for governments to act, we would still be waiting for something to happen about the big issues I continue to write about.  A bit of self worth never hurt anyone.

However, the biggest thing that helps me get my green mojo back time after time is you, the reader of this blog, and my wife.  Let me tell you why.  You see, I am a bit of a statistics fan, and I track pages-view, demographics, and referrals to this site.  In the last few months, readership has grown considerably, as had the daily amount of page-views.  Over 2000 a day now and from all corners of the globe.  I am really proud that most of the things that I write about are sought out by people who are searching for answers, and want to learn about living a sustainable lifestyle.  What better way to help realise ones own sense of self worth.  However, it is a trap that can easily be fallen into.  Back when I first started writing about my sustainable journey, I would check the stats every day, and even though I only got about 10 hits a day in the first few months, I was encouraged to keep going by my wonderful wife Kim.  She egged me on, and here we are nearly 4 years down the track and 997 posts under my belt!  Who would have thought that I would have written for so long and about so many varied subjects?

So, with my green mojo intact and throbbing for action, 2012 is going to be a year to remember.  Please stay a while longer and enjoy the adventure!  Who wants to join me?


  1. says

    Gavin I think you are inspiring. So many people think it is too hard, and yes some days it is but you are proof that everyday people can make a difference. My community is currently fighting for our quite way of life and there are days when it is overwhelming. But I believe regardless of if you try and do something rather than doing nothing you will at least know that you gave it a shot.

  2. JulieG says

    I’m on a bit of a blogging break myself for the same reason. Every field needs to lie fallow once in a while :)

    Here’s to many more blog posts and projects in the future!

  3. Anonymous says

    Gavin, I think you have intense enthusiam. And you seem fearless about trying new things. You are definitely an encourager.

    So balance in that “me” time and family time. And post when you want to share. Nobody can do it all. And on balance, which is better? — adding a 2 point task to your duties, or letting some folks discover how easily they can add some 20 point tasks to their routines? Then, they might just share your enthusiam and share their projects with more folks. Pretty cool, earth hero.

    brenda from ar

  4. says

    Some blogs i read each day because they are funny or I have come to know and love, in a bloggy way, the writers. Other blogs I read because they inform, challenge and teach me. Your blog, Dear Gavin, falls into both categories. Do not EVER underestimate the effect you are having. Thankyou!

  5. says

    Totally understand the green fatigue, and get a bit despondent when you see others with no clue, who can’t be bothered going the extra mile. But then there’s this green community that keeps you going, and you’re a part of that, Gav. It’s slow, but it’s gaining momentum, just takes a while to sink in for some people. Go Gav!

  6. Michael from Canberra says

    I’m with you Gavin, all the way. You are a green champion and inspiration to so many. Thanks mate!!!

  7. says

    You are doing a great job , Gavin. I think when you start thinking that ‘green’ way , you can easily get overwhelmed …it happens to me too. But we are part of a community that is participating in a green revolution and every plant we nurture ,every loaf of bread we bake and every home made thing we make puts a dent in the sad deeds of those corporations we battle against, whoever they may be.
    The fact that those ‘green ‘posts on my blog also , get numbers off the scale also means that there are a host of people ready to take on the same task.
    I hold great faith in the current generation and the generation to come in overcoming the obstacles we face as a planet. It is inspiring resources like your blog that help enable this change and I thank you for it.

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