Feeling Ungrounded

Presently, I feel a bit ungrounded which I suppose is the opposite to well-grounded.  My veggie patch looks neglected, my fruit orchard looks neglected, my chickens look neglected (but healthy), and my greenhouse is definitely neglected.

Why is this all so, I hear you ask?  Well as I ponder this question, I believe it may have something to do with biting off more than one can chew.  During spring, which is supposed to be the season for planting and renewal, I was overwhelmed with so many events and projects over the last three months.  Here is a list so that I and others can visualise better.

  • Two cheesemaking workshops
  • Preparation for Sustainable House day
  • Sustainable House day
  • Education marquee at the Djerrawarrh Festival
  • Two guttering projects
  • Chicken nipples installed 
  • A season of Clay Cob Oven building
  • A candlemaking workshop
  • Homebrew Beer making workshop
  • Passing of a friend
  • Keeping down a full time job
  • Realisation that I needed to spend more time with Kim
  • Writing (3 blogs, 1 monthly newspaper column, bimonthly grass roots)
  • Diploma of Carbon Management
  • Joined a Bowhunting club
  • Relatives visiting
  • Rainwater tank (2300 litres) broke and replaced
  • Solar Hot water broke
  • The Great Kilowatt Challenge

What a busy time of the year!  No wonder I don’t feel like I have time to scratch myself.  Since I stopped watching TV quite a while ago, I seemed to have so much time to myself, however all of that spare time has fallen victim to the Jevons Paradox (time is a resource as well)!

I need to ground my hands in the earth, to get that sense of satisfaction that only growing your own food gives you.  Things like preparing ground for planting, sewing seeds, weeding and digging in manure, talking to the chickens, mulching the beds, stiring compost, and feeding worms.  These are some of the things that I will be doing this weekend to re-establish my relationship with the soil and to ground myself again.

I will be getting back to basics, and stop all new projects for a while.  Maybe it is time to relax a bit, keep my powder dry in preparation for a big year ahead, and just kick back a little now that my Uni Diploma is over and things are winding down for the year.  What do you think?  Candles at both ends?

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  1. says

    That is a huge amount to be doing. I know that I need to do a bit in the garden everyday, even if it just pulling a few weeds to feel grounded myself. I hope you enjoy your weekend doing just that. By the way what a great idea to record your egg production on your blog – maybe I’ll do something like that too.

  2. says

    This weekend is the perfect for getting into the garden Gav. The weather is cool and overcast great for planting out. I haven’t prepared seeds and I’m not going to beat myself up about it, so a trip to Bunnings will have this sorted. Good day to for soaking a Christmas cake in whiskey or soaking yourself in the process!!!

  3. says

    That’s an incredible list, Gavin. When I retired I thought I would have loads of time…but, like you, I keep taking on things and I wonder how I ever found time to work! But going out and spending time in the garden makes me feel whole and content. Hoping your dirty weekend goes well.

  4. says

    As well as gardening, I picture you by the pool while Kim swims, sipping that lovely lemon drink (the name escapes me) that you made a while back. Rest and relaxation and remembering to enjoy life as we go. We all struggle with that every now and then.

  5. Dawn says

    limoncello wasn’t it? Good idea…that list is pretty amazing…God rested after a list like that…seriously, it’s probably a good idea to stand down for a bit and recharge.

  6. Anonymous says

    Wow that was quite a list Gavin. I hope you can slow down now. I know how you feel. Time to put the brakes on a little.
    Also, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed your blog this year.


  7. says

    Well done for recognising that you’ve been doing too much in too many spheres. I’m sure your slow down will help you enourmously. ANd I’m sure Kim and Ben will love you for this.

    I’ve planted sugar snap pea and dwarf bean seeds later than in previous years – because I realised I wont be here for a couple of weeks over Xmas , so it will be better to have the crop/harvest not ready until I get back.

    You can now enjoy the seasonal candles lit at just the one end.

    Sending my care and many huggles,
    Michelle down in Wellington, NZ, xxxxxx

    (with Zebby Cat sound asleep on “our”/HIS bed)

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