Solar Tube

Yesterday we had a solar tube fitted.  Our main hallway is in the middle of our home, and was dark and gloomy.  As we already have a skylight in the bathroom because it too was dark but the skylight let in some heat in the summer.  We wanted to light up the hallway without using electricity during the day.

So our choice was a Solatube, because it it was advertised to capture more light and spread it at the bottom of the diffuser like daylight.

Kim took a before and after photos without a flash during the day.


It works just as they said it would.  What a clever invention!  Daylight inside, without the heat, and all without using artificial lighting.  Last night you could even see in the hallway because of the nearly full moon.  It was bright enough not to turn on the light!

We are saving up now for one in the kitchen as in winter we have to turn on the light during the day to see what we are doing.  Unfortunately, they are not cheap and it cost us $870 fitted.  If anyone knows where I can get one cheaper, I would love the companies name if in the Melbourne area.

Even with the price, I would still recommend it as it has transformed the feel of the room.  Kim can’t wait to get some art on the left hand wall now they you can see it.  She is going to take photos of flowers in our garden and then frame and hang them.  I can’t think of a better place to display them.


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    I’m looking to get a couple of these as well. My bathroom gets no sun until late afternoon due to poor house design (it has a wall that sits beside the window). Also my dining/kitchen area gets no morning sun so it not only looks depressing, we are always turning on the lights.
    I’m glad to read it works so well.

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    Mum and Dad had the same problem in their house in Adelaide, and the same brilliant result when they got one fitted.

    More for safety reasons that anything, it’s great for them – the corridor isn’t dark any more and they’re no longer fumbling with lights. It has made the corridor light all but redundant.

    One thing I’ve noticed is when visiting, it’s light enough to see, even at night time! So it’s a good safety device for people with kids and stairwells or corridors, who are worried about safety issues.

    (No I don’t sell them -I just think they’re excellent too).

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    That is an amazing difference!

    I recently saw a news report where they were doing something similar in Thailand – for the poor. But, they were using soda bottles. With a little bleach, water, bottle, and a hole in the roof, it was letting light into these people’s hovels. it was a great project.

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    Yes, we got one in our kitchen years ago since it got dark at noon, luckily my dad was able to install it, so about 1/2 the price! I was underwhelmed when he was finished, but the next morning, blinds still drawn, it was bright and amazing – realised later it was too late in the day by the time he was finished for us to get the effect. Best thing ever, we need him to come back to install a few extra!

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