Lies and Rubbish

Who is sick of the TV ad campaign by the Australian Trade and Industry Alliance?  Well I certainly am, and I don’t even watch TV!  However my lovely wife Kim does, and she is disgusted with the lies and deceit contained in these ads.

So to combat the rubbish offered by Australia’s biggest polluters who masquerade behind the title of the so called Australian Trade & Industry Alliance (i.e. Australian Coal Association, Mineral Council of Australia, Australian Steel Institute to name a few), GetUp! have released a parody of the ATI Alliance ads.

I am well over the campaign of lies being touted by these, the worst offenders of greenhouse gas polluters. It makes me sick to the core that they only have their own short term interests and profits at heart and not those of their very own children and grandchildren.

By the way, if you fancy a bit of the truth and some gratuitous swearing about carbon politics you could do no worse than popping over to Nevyn’s Place and reading her post titled “A Carbon Tax Grumble“.


  1. says

    Gratuitious Swearing? Me? You must be confusing me for another nevyn. Thanks for the link, I was wondering why I suddenly had so many views. A bit of a shock than one.

    Now if you want to hear some swearing record me watching those Ads. Seriously, how do those people sleep at night.

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