Farmhouse Cheddar Video Tutorial

This is a cross post from  I believe that my video production is getting quite good, so I had to share it here as well!

Friday night was cheesemaking night, and as the Farmhouse Cheddar tasted so good, that I thought I had better make a replacement toot sweet!  So as I made this cheese, I filmed it as well, and over the last few days I have been editing and producing another of my tutorial cheesemaking videos from the footage.

So here it is!

This cheese is just so simple to make and has a great taste, especially when you add peppercorns!


  1. says

    Hi from Milton, Ontario, Canada! I’ve just put my first Ricki Carroll farmhouse cheddar in the mold for the night! I notice you use 2tbsp of salt…do you find it better tasting than the 1tbsp that she calls for in the recipe? What cheese do you recommend next?

    • says

      Welcome. I think Farmhouse cheddar tastes nicer with two tablespoons of salt. It is quite bland with just one. It really matures well and if you leave it for over six months it is fantastic.

      As for the next cheese, I would recommend either Romano or Parmesan. Just remember to use a thermophilic culture. The waiting time is well worth it just for the taste.

      Or if you want something simpler, try Feta.

      There are good video tutorials over on my cheese blog, Little Green Cheese.


  2. photohodge says

    Gotta get yersel some o’ that Real (raw) Milk there Gav! See what difference that might make to the cheese. for example and Swampys (altho I read that has rebraded and no longer available in Melbourne?). Seems most organic stores can supply ‘bath milk’.


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