Green Podcast Interviews Wanted

I have really enjoyed the “Interview with a green blogger” series of podcasts, and would like to kick it up a notch.

I am after interesting people, bloggers or non bloggers, who have made green changes in their life, and are willing to be interviewed on my podcast.  If anyone is interested please drop me an email which is listed in the left sidebar.  I believe that by sharing with others about the things you have done on the path towards a more sustainable lifestyle can be uplifting, inspiring and not only for others but for yourself as well.  Call it an opportunity for 15 minutes of fame and a big pat on the back for all the great things you may have achieved.

Interviews are held via Skype, and more than willing to interview anyone on Earth, as long as they speak English (unfortunately, I don’t know any other languages).

So, who is willing to give it a go.  Don’t be shy, I won’t bite (hard).


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