Clay Cob Oven Flue

Well tomorrow is the big day!  Our clay cob oven workshop takes place with lots of willing participants expected to lend a hand stomping clay and sand, as well as making the oven itself.

Today our builder friend installed the flue, as I didn’t want to make a mistake cutting the hole in the roof.  Click to enlarge the photos.

The flue is sitting on a plate made of the lid of an old BBQ that I saved, and we will mould clay over it and the bricks.  The sticks are to support the roof so that the rubber cowling above it is kept in place whilst the heat resistant sealer is drying.

It is going to be so cool making the sand dome, then whacking on some wet newspaper, then finally making the clay dome.  I am very excited!


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    Did you have to cut a hole through the brick structure you’ve just made for the flue or is the flue right behind the bricks? It looks as though it’s sitting right on top of the bricks. I understand how a flue works, but not understanding how *this* one works. Thanks and great video!


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    Crikey thats looking a bit professional with the shiny flue! My plans are a little, ‘rustic’! I might hold off til I see yours, I have cob oven envy already!

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    I just seen an awesome stove.. it was a simple barrel stove. Parts can be bought at
    Anyway how it was built was first barrel was a fifty five gallon barrel. the second barrel was a thirty five gallon barrel. take the thirty five gallon barrel and put the door on it put the exhaust on the back of the barrel. ( you can line it with clay or firebrick etc..the one I seen had a log rack in it.. now take the fifty five gallon barrel and put an exhaust on the bottom of it to hook a fan up to and on the top put an exhaust to go to your duct work. cut the diameter out of the front of the fifty five gallon barrel so that the thirty five gallon can slide fit. or if the top has a removable top then weld the thirty five to it and cut out for the front. now put the thirty five gallon barrel in the fifty five gallon barrel and cut a hole in the back to accommodate the exhaust chimney. you now start your fire in the stove and turn on the blower. pretty cool..

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