Waxing Cheddar Video

For all you cheese fans out there, I have produced a ‘how to’ video on waxing cheese.

Cheese wax is a special formulation and is not the same as paraffin or candle wax. That type of wax is too brittle to be used to coat cheese, as the cheese needs a solid yet flexible covering to keep the air and bacteria out of it and to keep the remaining moisture locked in to help with the maturation process. I received a kilogram of red cheese wax with my kit and it is about $15 per kilo. It should last quite a while, because you can reuse the wax again after you have eaten your cheese. I have even used wax that Ben collected off of his baby belle cheeses!

I find this process relaxing and rewarding knowing that when the cheese matures, it will be mould free and moist as expected.



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    Hi Narelle,

    I have a bit of a routine now. Friday nights after dinner is cheese making night. I can pump out two rounds of the same cheese in about 5 hours now that I have a larger pot and two presses. A glass of red wine or two helps the evening along.

    I find that it helps me unwind from the working week, and preps me for a weekend of green activity!

    Gav x

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    Another very informative video Gavin, Well done…I don’t know how you find the time to make all these cheeses…I wish! Keep up the great work.

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