TGoG Podcast 021 – Interview with Daniel Hatfield

This is the seventh podcast in the “Meet the green blogger” series.  Introducing Daniel from

We talked about his recent downshift to the good life, and his current business venture among other green things.  I especially love his comment about the Matrix at the end!

Listen to the Episode Below (00:45:12)
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Here are a few more photos about the things we talked about.

Thanks Daniel, I really enjoyed the interview.  It was great hear about another persons epiphany!

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Until next time, stay green and keep keen!



  1. says

    thanks gav, that was really interesting, permaculture is my new buzz and this has given me some “food for thought”
    can i throw in a little suggestion to daniel?
    background – 3 years ago before moving towns i worked on an organic market garden “epicurean supplies” hastings NZ, we produced up to 100kgs of salad a day plus other unusual and heirloom veges etc. anyway one day one of the harvesters got lazy and cut the salad about an inch above the crown, a couple of weeks latter we had a second yeild from the lettuces, bloody marvelous thought the boss, we ended up extending the plant to give us 3 cuts instead of only one. each became smaller and smaller but the last cut became idea for a “petite salad” a mix of small greens and micro salads (sprouts basically) which actually had a higher $ value. now im off to look at the Meatrix….

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