Cob Oven Base Part 2

Yippee, I finished the base!  Oh, do my back muscles ache.  Kim had to apply deep heat all over it so I can move.  Nice way to finish off the weekend.

Anyway, enough complaining, here is what I managed to achieve;

 At 9am, I started on the 3rd row of bricks.  It was a struggle to get back into it, but once started the muscles started to limber up.

The 4th row was started at about 10.10 am, but I came unstuck because I ran out of half bricks.  After an hour of searching around the town for two measly brick and finding none, I had to improvise.  I had kept some house bricks, so bought a bolster chisel and cut them to size.  If you click on the above image you will see my improv at the first and middle row towards the ends.

Once the last brick was laid, we waited for about 90 minutes for the mortar to dry before putting on the 60 x 60 cm slabs on top.  All level every way which!  Next weekend I will lay out the brick base and front arch for the oven.  The gap that you probably noticed is the front, and I am going to put an ash slot and length of red gum (hard wood) across to make it look pretty. 

Now that the top was in place, it was time to kick back and relax!  It looks a bit like a sacrificial alter, but with no virgins in sight, I had to jump up there myself.  😉  Strike the pose. 

I am so glad that I got it finished.

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  1. says

    Perhaps,on day,you may come up with a solar type oven to use on sunny days.That would be wonderful. Cleaner,save more resources,and free.Perhaps a huge magnifying glass aimed at your cooking vessels. Wow! Wouldn’t that be a great invention.

  2. says

    solar ovens are great but not sure how it would cook bread or pizzas??? and the oven will be fab if the power goes down..I have one of these planned in my head just need the hubby to pull it outta the head and into the yard. its looking good the top that you are sacrifically laying on just cement pavers?

  3. says

    Hi Gavin, my husband and I are keen to watch your project progress, as we wish to do the same around the end of the year.

    Question: are your bricks sitting on top of a concrete slab? We have the perfect spot at the end of our pergola for a pizza oven, and the area is also red bricks. Is this adequate to build our oven or do we need to lay a concrete slab?

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