Blog Name Winner!

…Darren of  He came up the the name Green Cheese, which I pitched to family and friends.  They thought it was a great title, and far better than the rude one that I came up with (think about it).  However it was already taken as a blog name and a url in blogger.  So I slightly modified it and came up with something I am quite happy with.

So here is the banner for the new blog, aptly titled “Little Green Cheese”.

I even managed to buy the domain name.  You can find the new blog at  The previous url will redirect.  I love it!

Darren, drop me your snail mail address, and I will send through your prize of about 100gm of tasty Parmesan all vacuum packed via express post on Monday.

Thank you one and all who gave the competion a go.  I did try all the other names on the family, however they were stuck on Darrens suggestion.

Gav, now the proud owner of the domain!


  1. says

    Cool! I’m sending you an email now, Gav.

    My other suggestion would have been “Waxing The Wensleydale”, but people might not have realised that one was about cheese :-).

    Sorry NellyMary, you got pipped at the post! I agree, great minds :-). I’ll save some for when we catch up so you can have a sample.

  2. Anonymous says

    Ha hahhh, Great minds think alike…I didn’t see Darren’s suggestion of Green Cheese…I was trying to combine the two blogs …lol….and here I was thinkin’ you gave the credit to the wrong guy….lol….
    Great minds think alike…That’s all I gotta say….Well done Gavin with your new blog.

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