Who Loves Porridge?

I love porridge and so do my chickens!  In fact the whole family loves porridge, even the dogs.

Such a versatile breakfast, all full of goodness to start the day.  Rolled oats (or Quick oats) and milk (or water) in a ratio of 2:3 (oats to liquid) and cook until thick.  Kim and I have it with a teaspoon of jam to sweeten it up, and I have an extra dash of milk, but other than that, no other additives.  It is also one of the cheapest breakfasts you can buy. 

The chickens get it straight up and thick which they love.  Here is some pictures of me feeding them some warm porridge this morning.  They just go crazy for it.

Fever pitched excitement amongst the chooks.

They just can’t wait to eat it straight from the spoon.

We’ve got lumps of it out the back.

Line the wagons up in a circle, Pilgrims!

Nice breakfast Mr Man.  You’re welcome, Miss messy face.

Don’t worry girls, there is lots more.

I just love their messy little faces.

As you can see, they prefer the warm porridge than they do their complete seed mix.  Well, if I was a chook, so would I.  It is full of protien and calcium for making strong bones and eggs and warms up their tummies on a cold, cold morning.

Go for it girls!

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  1. says

    Oh i love your photo’s,your little chickee’s are so cute !! i wish i could have some,i also eat Porridge most cold morning’s and sweeten it with a tsp of my Marmalade,which i made a few week’s ago,it’s so nourishing ! lovely post,thank you Gavin.

  2. says

    I love my porridge too! I eat it everyday of the year just about…I make mine with added sultanas, LSA, honey and cinnamon. Cooked in 1/2 milk/water..Yum!

    I guess the chooks would just like it plain lol.

    Your girls certainly look to be enjoying it. We give ours pollen bran mixed with water and they go nuts over it.

    Hoping the wild weather missed you. It missed us but we did get 9.5ml rain…lovely.

  3. says

    The girls water bucket was so frozen over I couldn’t break it so I dumped it out. The hose in the sun against the wall was STILL frozen solid, so I drew a bucket of warm water from the laundry. Alice sat there drinking like it was cups of tea, cups of tea. Sometimes I cook the veg scraps with oats for a special warm breakfast for the girls.

  4. says

    Love your chickens Gavin…they look so happy eating that porridge!! Is that organic oats or commercial?? How much do you give them every week?

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