Stilton – The King of English Cheese

I love this cheese.  Stilton, it just has it all.  So creamy, and smooth with that unbelievable blue vein flavour.

This is the fourth time I have make this cheese, and it just gets better and better as I learn how to make it.  I am so confident with my method that I am now able to share it with you all.

Please enjoy my Stilton video tutorial on how to make Stilton cheese.

A good blue cheese, a good red wine and great friends is all anyone could ask for!


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    I was talking to a guy about the possibility of obtaining raw milk down the track and my first thought was…ohhh, I could make cheese like Gavin! Still a long way off, but I can dream.
    Happy cheesemaking Gavin. Swap you a chunk for some sourdough?

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    Gav I wonder what you would have said, if someone told you 10 years ago, that you would become in the future a legend cheese maker? Amazing where our green journey leads us. Good Work Gav. :)

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    @ BM. Yes I am! I made Farmhouse Cheddar last night as well, but as it was my first time with this cheese, I chose not to document it (yet). Having a bit of time on my hands being on long service leave helps as well!

    @ Brendie. Exactly. It tastes divine!

    Gav x


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