Cover Boy for the Sustainable Living Movement???

To my surprise, the local newspaper decided to put the article that I was interviewed for back in early May on the front page and is the featured cover story for this week.

Here is the front page (click to enlarge);

The featured preserves and cheeses are from left to right; Dried Cayenne Pepper, Brandy Cumquat’s, Preserved Apricots, Pickled Jalapeno chilies, Cured Olives, Wensleydale cheese, Pyrenees style cheese, and Parmesan.  Kim has decorated our kitchen with that lovely country feel.

To read the article online, just click on the image below.

The interview was a lot of fun and the article was well written by Meg Sobey. 

What do you think of the article?

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  1. says

    I’m impressed !! Well done.

    Sadly my old eyes can’t read the small print, even after it is enlarged. Maybe new glasses needed here.

  2. sharon moon says

    Your also in the Bacchus Marsh paper, its my Daughter in Law on the front cover (because i would not have the mug shot taken) and a bit of a story about what i grown here at home and a mention of me being the secretary of the poultry club. Arn’t we popular this week :)

  3. Anonymous says

    Gavin you are the NEW and IMPROVED OPRAH how fab are you looking despite all the illness, keep up the good work the world needs more people like you !!
    Best Wishes Emma White

  4. says

    great gavin, too short though eh!
    lets hope it gets some folk thinking they can give it a go, or check out the blog and be inspired.
    lawn was originally a status symbol, lets hope in the very near future/now people get over this concept and start planting food instead.

  5. says

    Great work, Gav!

    It’s important for people to see someone like you, in their local media, living in their community, doing stuff like this. It makes people realise that it is practical, and they can do it too.

  6. says

    Hi Gavin, I caught sight of you in our local paper (just today, as it turns out!). We are not too far away from each other (our paper is the Macedon Ranges Weekly). Thought the article was very inspiring..I enjoyed reading how people on smaller blocks are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprints and live more sustainably. Fantastic job!! :)

  7. says

    Gavin great article. I also found the Grassroots one as well. Nicely done Sir!
    It must feel pretty good to know that you are inspiring others to change their living habits.

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