Connecting The Dots

I am a fan of Bill McKibben who recently published a hard hitting opinon piece in The Washington Post about the connection between climate change and recent extreme weather events.  I respect his opinion, the way he founded the movement and the action that this movement has promoted throughout the globe.
He has written quite a few books on the subject of climate change including, “Eaarth”, “Fight Global Warming Now”, and “The End of Nature” as well as many more.
Besides stating the obvious that the media should stop reporting individual events without correlation to the bigger picture i.e. climate change, the video has a stab at our relationship and obsession with fossil fuel powered energy and that of ever increasing CO₂-e emissions.  It also has a go at the U.S. House of Representatives for their crazy vote against the existence of man-made global warming.  Even Australia’s recent floods, droughts and crop failures get a mention amongst other global events.
It is time that we all connected the dots and took a step back to see the bigger picture.  Yes it is scary, and yes, we may have locked in 2°C of warming already (so the scientists tell us), but we can reverse the process if we take strong action now. If you haven’t done so already, have a go at lowering your own CO₂-e emissions.  It is as simple as being mindful of those extra lights that you may have left on in that empty room, or buying and using a clothes airer instead of using the clothes dryer, or composting your own food scraps.  There are so many things that individuals can do instead of waiting for governments to act, and you will save a few bucks and our race in the process.
Anyway, a guy called Stephen Thomson took the Bill’s opinion piece and turned it into a video.  Here it is, and the message is loud and clear.  Caution, Sarcasm alert!

So what are you waiting for?  Connect the dots yourself and start your sustainable living journey now!


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    Well, I am not sure that the weather and nature problems are all caused by global warming but I AM sure that they are unusual and we DID cause them somehow.

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    It’s a good (in terms of what it does) vid.

    My moments of ‘holy snot can ‘we’ really undo any of this mess ‘we’ve’ put the planet in?’ are increasing lately… as are the clear indicators that too many people in all levels, just don’t care.

    You know, no jobs on a dead planet etc but still people don’t get it.

    I have to hold some hope in that the word is spreading, people/consumer power is turning things and slowly, it’s happening but is it ENOUGH and is what IS happening, happening FAST enough…

    cheers Gavin. We’ve all just gotta keep plugging on eh.


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    I’m getting really fatigued by this issue. I ‘m convinced about the seriousness of global warming and the pressing need for action, but arguing the point with people is exhausting! The average punter seems to have made up their mind based on scant information and fear-mongering by vested interests.

    It’s amazing how many people seem to honestly believe that they will be paying the carbon tax in their own tax return, and that the compensation will be insufficient. I wish the government would hurry up and publish some details before they get hurled into electoral oblivion.

    Like the GST, people need to see it in action before they are going to believe that the world won’t end upon its introduction.

    Good on you Gav for keeping up the fight.

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    Thanks for posting the video and link to Bill McKibben’s article. Certainly food for thought – literally. I have watched the video three times and each time is a little scarier.

    I recently found your blog thanks to your article in Grass Roots – love that mag. :-) My first wicking bed was created today – not blogged about just yet – and another is to be developed soon. Thanks for the inspiration and wondeful video you made on creating your wicking bed and thanks also for your wonderful and inspiring blog. Keep up the good work.

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