Caephilly for Kate

A week or two ago I had a request from my friend Kate in Cygnet (who I interviewed for a podcast) to make some cheese for her, which she would pay for.  When she was visited in the middle of last month she taste tested a few of my favourite cheeses namely, Wensleydale, Pyrenees with green peppercorns and some 11 month old Parmesan.  She loved them as much as we do.  
Anyway, long story short, Kate called me up via skype and has offered to pay me for a cheese and send it via post to Tassie.  We settled on Caerphilly as it is quick to mature, and I made one up for her on Saturday.  Here it is today drying in my cheese alcove before I pop it into the cheese fridge tomorrow (click to enlarge).

I have been so inspired that I also made a Stilton, which I am putting the finishing touches on a video tutorial for, and made four Camemberts on Tuesday which I am going to make a smaller video documenting their progress until they are ready to eat.

Tomorrow, I am going to make another cheese, probably Emmentaler because we are just about to crack open a wheel of it and Kim requested some more of that nice Swiss cheese that I make.   I hope it is holey and nutty just like the last one.


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    @ Narelle. It certainly helps to be on long service leave! I think I will make cheddar today. I have never made it, so might make a tutorial if it looks easy.

    Gav x

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    The cheese looks great Gavin…I wish I could make cheese more often…I only have one cheddar at the moment…and I know I need to get more on the go…I just can’t bring myself to open the cheddar until I have more aging…great work mate!

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