Withholding Frustration

With all the media attention today about yet another tour of Australia by that climate denying clown Lord Monckton, I was going to write about post about his presentation and how he has fabricated and cherry picked data to put across his point of view which opposes view and peer reviewed findings of the overwhelming majority of climate scientists around the world.However I will not belittle myself   [Continue Reading …]

Chicken Nipples


I have always wondered if chicken's had nipples, and now I know that there is such a thing.Hard to spot aren't they.  I think so as well.  Luckily there is no such thing on the actual hen.  So here are some cows nipples for those who thought they were duped!  Well I was not exactly telling porkies when I mentioned chook nipples, because the other day I bought some.  In   [Continue Reading …]

Re-usable Coffee Time

Yesterday morning I received a pleasant surprise.  This surprise was in the form of a random act of greenness, not by myself, but by someone who I believe that I may have influenced over time. This person was Kate the coffee lady.  Kate, who owns the tiny kiosk at our local railway station, makes the best Caffé Latté this side of Melbourne.  I partake in this   [Continue Reading …]

Farmhouse Cheddar with Peppercorns


After such an ordinary day at work on Friday, I decided that it would be a great idea to start the weekend off with a bang and make cheese.  I picked up 16 litres of milk on the way home from the train station, kissed Kim, ate dinner, then got stuck into my favourite hobby.  Cheese making!Now to make things more interesting, and to save time and effort, I have decided to expand   [Continue Reading …]

Maximise Your Solar PV Investment


I wrote this piece yesterday for the Caroline Springs Community Update which is a monthly publication in our shire.  I write a regular column titled "Green Living Tips", and thought it would be nice to share it here as well.  It does specify Victorian information, however the recommendations should apply to most owners who receive a Net Metering Feed-in Tariff.  I am the proud owner   [Continue Reading …]

Paid To Be Green?

Two big surprises in the last couple of days.Yesterday, I had a call from a lady who is a member of the Newport Organic Collective and have been asked to run a cheese making workshop at the Spotswood Community House.  The date is yet to be confirmed but it is a paying gig at $30 an hour and all materials supplied, which will keep the chooks in feed for a month or so.  We will be making   [Continue Reading …]

Who Loves Porridge?


I love porridge and so do my chickens!  In fact the whole family loves porridge, even the dogs.Such a versatile breakfast, all full of goodness to start the day.  Rolled oats (or Quick oats) and milk (or water) in a ratio of 2:3 (oats to liquid) and cook until thick.  Kim and I have it with a teaspoon of jam to sweeten it up, and I have an extra dash of milk, but other than that, no   [Continue Reading …]

Greening Omnibus

Being on long service leave has given me time to reflect upon my life and the green journey that I embarked upon with my family back in 2006.  I go back to work on Thursday to a different world from which I have become used to for the last 9 weeks!  It will be interesting to say the least.It seems like so long ago when my green journey began, however I know that it has been a fruitful   [Continue Reading …]

Connecting The Dots

I am a fan of Bill McKibben who recently published a hard hitting opinon piece in The Washington Post about the connection between climate change and recent extreme weather events.  I respect his opinion, the way he founded the 350.org movement and the action that this movement has promoted throughout the globe.He has written quite a few books on the subject of climate change   [Continue Reading …]

Busy Boy


Have you ever been so busy that it hurts?  Well this week I have discovered that being a lot more active comes with a challenging result.  That is the return of pain!  Thankfully nothing I can't handle, as it is just my body repairing itself.  I feel great other than that little issue.That aside, I have been working on my favourite hobby of cheese making as you have probably   [Continue Reading …]

Stilton – The King of English Cheese

I love this cheese.  Stilton, it just has it all.  So creamy, and smooth with that unbelievable blue vein flavour.This is the fourth time I have make this cheese, and it just gets better and better as I learn how to make it.  I am so confident with my method that I am now able to share it with you all.Please enjoy my Stilton video tutorial on how to make Stilton cheese.A good blue   [Continue Reading …]

Caephilly for Kate


A week or two ago I had a request from my friend Kate in Cygnet (who I interviewed for a podcast) to make some cheese for her, which she would pay for.  When she was visited in the middle of last month she taste tested a few of my favourite cheeses namely, Wensleydale, Pyrenees with green peppercorns and some 11 month old Parmesan.  She loved them as much as we do.  Anyway,   [Continue Reading …]

Camembert Video Tutorial

I know it has been a while between drinks, but this one is well worth it.  Camembert, if made correctly can be a very rewarding cheese to make.  It should go well with my quince paste.Wikipeadia states;"Camembert was reputedly first made in 1791 by Marie Harel, a farmer from Normandy, following advice from a priest who came from Brie. However, the origin of the cheese known today as   [Continue Reading …]

Planting Salad Greens


As I mentioned at the end of yesterday's post, when we returned from the city we planted some seeds.  Here is Ben and I going about the task.Happy snap!Filling the seedling trays with seed raising mix.Ben using the dibber to make small holes for the rainbow chard.Extreme concentration!We planted the following together:Spinach - Winter GiantRainbow Chard - Pink & RedRed CabbageKale - Chou   [Continue Reading …]

Climate Change Rally Melbourne


Happy World Environment Day trendsetters!On this sunny day in Melbourne, Amy, Megan, Jake and I attended the Say Yes Australia rally at the State Library on behalf of the Melton Sustainable Living Group.  The event was very well attended, and I hope that it sends a message to the decision makers in Canberra that we want action on climate change right now.  I saw a story on the ABC News   [Continue Reading …]

Common Sense Required

With so much political rhetoric and media hullabaloo from opponents of the carbon tax or any such action on climate change, I thought I would let everyone know my thoughts on the current political debate being held across Australia.  I believe that a good dose of common sense is required to understand the real issues.   A dose of common sense to decipher the media bullshit and political   [Continue Reading …]