Winter Warming Tips

Winter Warming tips

Now that natural gas prices are up, petrol prices are up, and electricity prices are up, it won’t be too long before you and I see these rises on our energy bills. What can we do to keep warm and where possible save a little money, some valuable resources and greenhouse gas emissions this winter?

Try these winter warming tips to keep warm and reduce your costs.

Use the Sun – Passive Heating

Passive solar heating can be utilised in most homes. Where you have north facing windows and it is a sunny day, open up the blinds or curtains and let the sun in. You will be amazed at the amount of warmth that the sun can deliver in winter. Just before the sun sets at night, close the curtains to keep the heat in your home. Think of it as free energy from a warm winter friend.

Layers – Like an Onion

It might seem simple to say but when you are in the house, layer up! Get a singlet on, then a t-shirt, then a cardigan or jumper. The temperature of your room does not need to be tropical and Hawaiian shirts are not an eco-fashion statement in winter. You can keep the heat in and close to your body by having layers, and as Shrek would say, like an onion!

Keep the draughts out

If your windows don’t quite fit the frames, cling wrap round the edges to keep the draughts from whipping in and close the gap. Or you could use bubble wrap and tape it around the window frame and make a temporary double glazed window. Same with the doors – get a draft excluder fitted to the bottom of the door or if you are being frugal to the nth degree then roll up an old towel tightly, duct tape in two or three places to keep it together and lay it at the foot of the door. Old school tech, but it works!

Price Compare, but be aware

Prices are zooming up. However, you might want to have a look at a few energy price comparison sites online. Try sites like, or These simple steps could save you $100’s off of your energy bills. While you are at it, don’t forget to enquire about the GreenPower rate and see if you can get that thrown in as well. Also remember that the devil is in the detail, so look at what you are signing up for.

Eat well – eat warm

There is nothing that says staying warm like a lovely big bowl of thick soup or a “stick to the ribs” stew or casserole in the winter months. Cooking from scratch not only saves you money and helps you stay healthy; it keeps you in the lovely warm kitchen and eating hot food. Delicious minestrone, cooked in my pressure cooker warms the cockles for a big crowd of people at my home.

Your Energy Bills

So before you turn up the thermostat, have a think about the bill that you will receive in a few months time. It may help you remember and act upon these tips which will help you keep warm and save you money in the coming colder months of winter. Stay warm and wise!


  1. says

    Lots of soup consumed in my household lately. I make Rhonda Jean’s (down to earth) version of veggie soup with dumplings…Yummy!

    Thanks for the reminder to conserve energy. I will definitely look at the websites you recommended for price comparisons as I feel we aren’t getting all we should for our solar panels through our current provider. We have had only one bill in credit since installing our panels (we have 24 60watt panels) 3.5 years ago. Our bill is considerably lower than it used to be but I still think we can improve on the amount.

    Wishing you a great week and stay warm where you are.


  2. says

    Donkey, Gavin, it was Donkey 😉

    Soup and thick slices of bread, nectar of the gods during Winter.

    Our house is a right liite ice box so we sit under a blanket or sleeping bag to keep warm. Much cheaper than using a heater, especially in an open plan house.

  3. sawn48 says

    Oh, yes,and I forgot to mention this tip…..Add a dash of hot pepper to your hot cup of soup.That will help warm you,too.

  4. sawn48 says

    Cooking a big pot of anything puts moisture into the air,too, and that makes the air feel warmer.Keeping a pan of water on the heating stove(if you have one) will do the same,but knowing you,Gavin, as I do, via your blog,I’d say you already know these tips,but maybe they will help others.

  5. says

    Thanks Gavin – good tips. I was reading an article recently that suggested that the gaps (around windows, under and around doors, floorboards, halogen lights etc) add up to an area of about 1m by 1.5m. Quite compelling. Now off to add another layer and have a warm cup of tea. :)

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