Weekend of Fun

I have been having such a great time creating the ‘meet the green blogger’ podcast series, that I have not taken the time to actually write a post.  Sorry about that, it is just that sometimes I get carried away. 

The two podcast interviews that I have already posted were thoroughly enjoyable to produce.  I am just putting the finishing touches on my first international interview, and that will be posted at noon tomorrow.  With two more willing bloggers in the pipeline, the series is well and truly under-way.

All these interviews with other ladies has not gone unnoticed by my lovely wife Kim.  Over the weekend sometime, I will also be interviewing her, even though she doesn’t have her own blog.  That should be good fun.

Tomorrow morning, I am hoping to plant some seedlings that I bought.  As I have not been very mobile, I have had to forgo seedling raising from seed this year and just go for the next best option.

In the afternoon, I am presenting a workshop in my backyard which is “How to care for Chickens”.  The audience is our Sustainable Living Group, and I believe that quite a few members and their guests will be attending.  I do have a big surprise for them all.  I am going to set up on the chicken house side of the property, and then once everyone arrives, I am going to let the girls free range amongst my guests!  I can think of no better way of showing people how cool chooks really are.  It should be a hoot.  As for the content of the workshop, I am going to explain the benefits of chickens, feeding/watering, hygiene, pests, chicken health, and behaviours.  With an interested audience and chicken antics, it should be a fun afternoon.

On Sunday, Kim, Ben, Amy and I will be heading up to Talbot to the monthly farmers market.  We have been meaning to make time for this trip for ages as we have heard that it is quite big with a broad range of produce.  It is about 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from Melton, so I will have to take a break to make sure that I am not in too much pain when I arrive. 

We will be taking lots of photographs, so look forward to a give Sunday night post with lots of colourful snaps.

Here is to a fun weekend.


  1. Emma White says

    Could you pretty please podcast your talk?? i wish i was in melbourne to learn about chooks
    This year for easter were getting chickens vs chocolate
    So eggcited!!!!

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