TGoG Podcast 014 – An Interview with Sarhn McArthur

TGOG+podcast+logo+new+1400+v2Tonight I had the pleasure of interviewing Sarhn McArthur who blogs at Greener Me.

We talked a lot about the psychology of being green and the steps she took to change her values, beliefs and every day behaviours towards a greener lifestyle.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:32:22)
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I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did.  By the way, I am still awaiting more willing volunteers to be interviewed, so that we can keep the series going.  Send me an email if you would like to be interviewed via Skype. Otherwise I will be press ganging a few good men and women (joking of course).


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Until next time, stay green and keep keen!


  1. says

    Just listened to the podcast. Brilliant! Gav you have a great interviewing style. Must say that Sarhn has such a fruity chuckle. Going to check her blog out now.

    P.S. Had to share this, the word verification is fackyar. Lol.

  2. says

    I enjoyed it too, when I finally got time to listen! I have not been reading Sarhn’s blog all these years but am putting it in my side bar now.

  3. says

    Thanks Sarhn. Over 50 people have taken the time to listen to our deep and meaningful interview. Kim also mentioned to me that it was like listening to a good radio show!

    I like the sound of that. I had fun too, so thanks for volunteering!

    Gav x

  4. says

    Gav I just sat here tonight and listened to our interview again. You really have a talent for interviewing and a voice for radio. Thank you again for the invitation to be interviewed. It really was fun!


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