Introducing Teddy

Meet Teddy the West Highland terrier who we adopted from our local pound, and a new edition to our family. 

You can see in the photo below that he was putting on his ‘please adopt me’ look, or was it his ‘I am scared, please take me with you’ look.  It didn’t take much convincing, let me tell you.  We couldn’t believe our luck when Kim stumbled upon his adoption post on the local council website!  It is not often you get such a wonderful little dog that has been abandoned and handed in.

Here is a better photo of him, taken this afternoon, when we signed the papers and handed over the money for his sterilisation (by law), microchip, vaccinations and doggy wash and clip.  Ironically, his operation is the same day as mine!  

I do believe that Ben has fallen in love with the little fellow!  He has a great temperament, but we will only see his true character once he gets used to us. 

We pick him up on Thursday next week, after all the processing has been completed.  He will be earning his keep by keeping the birds away from my veggie patch and away from the chicken feed.  Hopefully I should be able to teach him to ignore the chooks and not play or eat them.  Time will tell.


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    Teddy you have found a very good home. Mini & Cooper say hello and ‘sniff sniff…..waggie tail waggie tail’.

    Gav he is a cutie pie. I just want to give him a big hug!

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    Gavin, we had a dog that would step away from her food to allow mother hen and her brood of chicks to eat from her bowl.
    I’m sure your chosen one will be fine with your chooks.

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    Oh what a cutie! I’m sure he’ll be over the moon when he sees what life has in store for him at your house – the gardens! the chickens! the cheese treats! 😉

    Funnily enough, I’ve written a blog post today about what our dog and cats think about the chickens (and vice versa) — the dog went for the chickens a few times at first but now she’s not fazed by them at all. She’s almost protective of them, like she is with her feline BFF.

    Can’t wait to hear how your chap gets along with your girls :)

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    Oh gav, im so jealous, my 2 westies have died in the last year. They are great personalities and im sure you will have lots of fun with him. Any westie related questions please throw my way, its one of my favourite conversation pieces! Lisa

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    It has been my experience that chooks make great dog trainers. i don’t think you will have to do anything! My girls have my dog well and truly bluffed and she always takes a very wide berth!

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