Backyard Chickens Workshop

Yesterday, my friend Jan and I presented a workshop to the Melton Sustainable Living Group members and friends.  The workshop is one of the regular monthly activities the group holds on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

I believe that it was informative and I certainly had a good time presenting it.  As requested by one of my readers on The Greening of Gavin, we captured the highlights on video and I placed it on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy all the chicken antics and my presentation!


P.S. It is amazing what one can do on strong painkillers!

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  1. says

    The olive oil trick is a good one. I haven’t had any mite problems (so far) with my chooks, but I’ll file that tip away for future reference.

  2. says

    I believe that I managed to convince a few members to take the time to invest in getting some backyard chooks. I reckon that everyone should have them.


  3. says

    Hi Gav – you move and speak! normally, you’re just words on the page, I must have a go and make a video…..mine won’t be very exciting, as I don’t have chickens, maybe jam making.

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