9 Weeks!

I am overwhelmed with the task at hand! Well, not really, but it still has not sunk in.

9 weeks long service leave, no work, so what is a bloke to do?  Well, over Easter, I will be slowly working in the garden planting garlic, brown onions and cabbages, and I may catch up on a few movies that I have been waiting to see.  I do have a ‘raised garden bed’ workshop that I am presenting at 1000-1200 on the 27th April at Bunnings Warehouse Melton.  That should be fun, as I like presenting.

Then next Friday, it is into hospital for the operation and probably about 2-3 weeks recovery after that.  Which means no heavy lifting, in fact no lifting at all.

To prepare,  our stockpile is ready for the lull in activity around here, so we will not be food shopping for a while.  We should not need much at all, except for a boost from the chooks to increase their egg production a little more.  The bantams are the only girls laying at the moment, so the 7 other larger hens better get their act together, because I am so grumpy I might just make a few chicken dinners.  I will warn them all tomorrow!

Other than that, it will be cheese making, vegetable gardening, day trips around Victoria, looking for local volunteering opportunities, and just relaxing around the TGOG urban farm.  Oh and maybe the odd podcast and blog post or two.

Rock on!  This will be the longest holiday I have ever taken in 31 years of working.  A bit of a culture shock, but I think I can handle it.  I suppose the question should be, ‘Can Kim handle it’?

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  1. says

    It is a funny thing, time! I thought that once I retired time would drag…but in fact it seems to go much faster. I do not understand it. Unfortunately, your nine weeks will fly by! Enjoy.

  2. Anonymous says

    are your chickens molting? they won’t lay if they are (ours are molting with the change of season at the moment and we are only getting a tiny amount of eggs per day)

  3. says

    Oh, I would love to have such a long break from work! A great time to reassess the old work / life balance. Hope you make the most of your 9 weeks and that they don’t fly past too quickly.

  4. says

    Will you be free on the morning of the 7th of May? Can I have breakfast at your place when I get off the ferry, on my way to Adelaide?

  5. says

    @ Hazel,

    I kind of know what you mean. I can’t stop getting up at 6.30am which is my normal work waking up time, and by the time I blink it is time to make dinner! Where does it go?

    @ JFHM

    Cheers for the tip. It hasn’t worked as yet.

    @ anon,

    Yes they are. They are nearly finished moulting thank goodness. The two little bantams have not moulted this year, so are still laying regularly. I was only joking when I said that it was time to dispatch some of them.

    @ Dad,

    I am. Enjoy your 70th Birthday on the Ghan.

    @ Clare

    Most definitely! Think of it as a dry run for semi-retirement.

    @ Kate

    See my reply via email

    Gav x

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