Our Future…

George Taylor: Oh my God. I’m back. I’m home. All the time, it was… We finally really did it.
George Taylor: You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

I have learned a lot from being a science fiction fan.  A lot in fact about imagining a possible future for humanity, and where we may be heading.  From reaching far into space like in Star Trek, to a Ape dominated planet like in Planet of the Apes and many apocalyptic scenarios in-between.

There is the Star Trek scenario.  The one where we not only solve the resource, population overshoot and climate crises, but we make first contact and venture off into space, but in a really nice way and not fucking every other planet and its inhabitants up along the way.  Nice ending except for the Klingons, Romulans and a host of other species bent on our conquest.  It kind of turns everything we do now on its head.  Obviously, I would love this scenario to play out for real, but I am afraid this may just be pie in the sky thinking.

Then is the Planet of the Apes scenario.  The one were we have wars due to overpopulation, overpopulation, climate chaos, and then blow ourselves to hell, and what ever is left rise up and take our place. 

Now maybe it is just me and you can call me a whacko if you like, but I see the latter scenario playing out right now, maybe because I see so little action to avert such an event happening.  If we continue onwards with our ‘business as usual’ thinking, then this is one possibility, and scary to boot.  Look around us. The biggest “La Nina” in history directly after one of the biggest droughts in history, followed by food riots, followed by……….well, you get the general idea.

We should just accept that the Earth isn’t going to accommodate our extravagant lifestyles anymore, and it’s largely our fault, and maybe, just maybe, create a future worthy for our progeny.

What a hostile environment we leave the future generations if we continue down this path.

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  1. says

    Nice post lots to think of there. Watching films like day after tomorrow also makes it very real in my head. Planet at tipping point. Thought provoking – thank you! Heading back to Star Trek –
    Unlike the Borg, we must not be assimilated and resistance (for our planets sake) is never futile.

  2. says

    And then there’s my favorite Charlton Heston *What the Hell Have We Done To Mother Earth?* movie: Soylent Green…much more believable in 2011 than when I saw it in 1973. Who would have thought we’d be eating foods caring human genes?

  3. says

    Some great films mentioned here but IMHO the best future predictions are in Douglas Adams books. He got the Internet and I-Pad pretty much spot on. All we need now is the Infinite Improbability Drive and maybe we can get the right answer and get out of this mess

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    Sci-fi is more my husbands thing… but I agree, things are not looking good for the future of humans on Earth. So, I am enjoying life and preparing my children, all while trying to do the ‘right thing’. Lately though, we both feel our Surviromentalism is leaning slightly more on the survivalist side of things. I am trying to be brave and positive, because there are some awful images showing on TV over & over again. Maybe I just need to go back to not watching TV!!

    I really like Sharon Astyk’s latest post abour fear:

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    It’s not a movie but you should read David Brin’s Earth, I think you might find it interesting. He wrote it as a hopeful novel and I’d be curious to know what he thinks now, considering some of the fiction is now a bit closer to fact.

    Some of those older movies, you have to give them credit, they didn’t completely miss the mark.

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