Grass Roots Vs Professional

It is funny how things evolve.  I started out this journey as a conspicuous consumer just like most westerners, and ended up as a grassroots environmental advocate and sustainable living activist.  I love grassroots work, but what is next for this little black duck?  Things are afoot!

Well, last year I completed a course in Carbon Accounting, which I passed, and the lecturer asked if he could use my submission as an example of a professional report for future classes.  I was chuffed to say the least, and would highly recommend you read my experiences if you are interested in this type of upskilling.  I was planning ahead for the introduction of the governments Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, however that got axed by the previous Rudd government because a) it was too complex to implement, b) it was a dud with far too many compensating carbon credits for big polluters and c) got rejected in the Senate twice causing a double dissolution trigger.  When they cancelled it, the carbon sector never really got off of the ground, so I dropped my plans for entering it.

So last Sunday, I decided to take it one step further.  I applied to study for a Diploma in Carbon Management at Swinburne University of Technology in Hawthorn, Melbourne.  The two units that I have previously passed count as credits towards this course, so instead of 7 units, I only have to do 5 over the period of a year part time.  It is not cheap (over $5000), and as I work full time I am not entitled to any assistance.   I start on the 24th of February, as I found out yesterday that I was accepted.  This course will give me the skills and knowledge to;

  • Assess Risk
  • Assess and apply principles of energy, policy and change management
  • Create and implement carbon management strategies, and
  • Lower an organisation’s carbon footprint

Well, I am already an IT Risk Manager, have passed most of the part about the carbon management strategies, and have already lowered my personal carbon footprint.  Sounds like a piece of cake.  I am very interested in the unit on Behavioural change, in fact the entire course floats my boat!

I really enjoy consulting and see this as the next step in my development as a passionate individual who wants to save the future of generations to come.  This blog is attestation of all of the actions and projects I have taken in my personal and professional life.  Even though I have been consulting for free, or sometimes the odd free lunch, I feel that I have so much more to offer.

Time will tell to where this crazy roller-coaster will take me.


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    Wow, that is so great. I too, have been wondering how I could translate my new passion for the environment into a career. I would like to spend more of my time and energy doing something that matters to me, where maybe I can make a difference. I am an accountant, so maybe carbon accounting is for me!! Good luck!

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    “Time will tell to where this crazy roller-coaster will take me.”

    Maybe on a cheese hunt lol.

    All the best with the course, Gavin. I need people like you to make sense of all the carbon stuff and write about it.
    Thanks for a great blog.

    Cheers Marilyn

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    What I love is how much of a pioneer you are. You’re not just saying we need to do x, y, z, you’re doing X, Y *AND* Z, and you’re showing the rest of us how to do those things also. I love that you’ve found a way to take your lifestyle and your message to a professional level.

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    Mate , you will be able to consult on all the important issues,and be naming the fee. Well done .
    Next step Minister for the environment. Proud of you


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