Earth Hour Awards – Nomination

Today I was convinced by my fellow blogger and friend, JulieG of Go Greener Australia, to apply for the Future Makers Award for this years inaugural WWF Earth Hour Awards.  Nominations close tonight at midnight.

This is what she had to say;

Hi Gavin

Earth Hour is just around the corner and this year WWF have some really
exciting initiatives in place. The first one is the introduction of the
inaugural WWF Earth Hour Awards – they are looking for inspiring
Australians who take great action for our planet! The call for
entries is on now, closing February 25th.

I think you should apply! But to complete the process you need to
follow this link
and complete the application form. It’s really easy and by doing so
you’ll be inspiring so many others to care more for the Earth.

WHY? Here’s my personal message to you:

Hi Gavin,
I’ve been doing some writing for Earth Hour and realised that if you haven’t put your hand up for the Future Makers award already, you really should! It’d be great if you won, and even if you didn’t it’d be a great story to tell for your blog :)

Julie G

 Well, apart from being very flattered that anyone took the time to nominate me, I thought that it would be another avenue for spreading the word and benefits of sustainable living and lowering your personal environmental footprint.  This goes beyond Earth Hour, which is exactly what this years campaign is aimed at.

So if you choose to visit the link, and if you happen to click on the Future Makers Award nominate button, and suggest some silly old bloke who writes a blog about greening his lifestyle with the name of Gavin, it would probably be a good thing for the movement as a whole.  What do you think?  I don’t want to overstep my place or insult you good readers. 

This post may sound very vain, but it is not meant to and sorry if it does come across that way.  I am just trying to get the message out there to the Australian public in the most modest way I can.

Gav x


  1. JulieG says

    Woohoo! I’m so glad you applied for this, Gav. I reckon you’re just the type of person to inspire people who are new to living sustainably.

  2. says

    good on you, its promoting the lifestyle you are creating, that can only be positive gavin. “We” aussies and kiwis are typically not self promoters like some “cultures” but for the greater good like you say we need to think of the future, spread the word. not vain at all
    good luck

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