David Suzuki is a Wise Elder

Over the course of the weekend, I had the pleasure of listening to David Suzuki speak on a couple of occations at the Sustainable Living Festival.

Firstly on Saturday when he was interviewed by the 3CR crew, where I listened to him speak about the environment and the issues we face,

 and secondly when he gave an introduction for Clive Hamilton who spoke about why we are not acting quickly enough on climate change mitigation.  In fact David was more engaging than Clive, who used too many big words for this little greenie.  I got the gist of his presentation, but OMG it took all of my concentration to keep up with him.  I think I would rather read Clive’s work than listen to him present.  Sorry, but just being honest.

Anyway, both of David’s talks/introductions were interesting and engaging.  I managed to record some of the radio interview on video and put it up on YouTube.  His words of wisdom really lit a spark in me, brought a smile to my face that someone was actually speaking truthfully, and it is well worth the 14 minutes that it will take to watch it.

Please enjoy David Suzuki telling it how it is!



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    Yes I suppose if I was a lady, I too would find him ‘sexy’. Instead, I was just simply inspired.

    Alicia, I am looking forward the the ABC debate as well.

    Gav x

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    I agree with you on the Clive Hamilton thing- I was listening really hard (trying to keep a 2 and 4 year old quiet- they did pretty well!), not so easy to understand, but would have loved to hear more from David Suzuki, we saw you briefly when you were looking for a seat :) The debate they had on a few nights earlier would have been good to go to, but I think it’s going to be aired on ABC soon.

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    I agree with Linda. David Suzuki is definitely the ‘sexiest elder on the planet’. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at the sydney opera house a few months back. Talk about a standing ovation!! Most of the audience were wiping tears of inspiration from their faces.

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    I’m sooooo jealous! You big city guys have all the fun and us poor country mouses miss out on everything.

    Thanks for putting it up on YouTube.

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